Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Today is Ben's day for Physical Therapy.
He's tired.
Doesn't want to get up.
Can you blame him?
PT is hard work.
He refuses to open his eyes...
Okay, just for a minute.
This is what he looked like through his PT.
Don't you wish you could work and sleep
at the same time?
Yet he can manage to stick his tongue at me for making him get up.



ellen said...

He's telling you something!

Jenny said...

Yes, he IS telling you something. Quit making fun of him! He's gonna get back at you... Ben, you're funny. Next time throw a little spittle out there while you're sticking your tongue out at your bothersome mom.

Diane said...

Ben,give mom a raspberry next time,"Are we done yet?"Diane

April said...

Priceless! He is just too cute! I love his little dimple on that last picture!

LL said...

THESE ARE CUTE!!! I feel the same, seriously. I think I looked just like Ben when R and I use to eyes half closed, my tongue hanging out.
Poor guy, let the boy sleep :)

Schenewarks said...

That is a cute dimple, never knew about that one. Sawyer likes him. He says he's funny.

ChefTom said...

I thought I was looking in the mirror, that is how I look at work until lunch time.

BTW: He is delivering a strong message in the sweetest way possible.

shirlgirl said...

So cute, Ben. He's sleeping at the wrong time of day, but at least he has been able to sleep. PT is sort of relaxing. When I get on the table at the PT office to have heat put on my hip before I do the therapy, I could go to sleep, too. I know how he feels--comfortable!

Cindi said...

I'm with you, Ben! Had some of those mornings at work myself!!!

KeriLyn and Matthew said...

Honestly, that is how I feel like I live most of my days....1/2 asleep....unfortunately, though, pics of me wouldn't be quite so cute of Ben....what a cute boy....even when he is trying hard to sleep, and when he is sticking his tongue out at you!

Alicia said...

I am with Kerilyn on this one, that was how I felt this morning after my run. I love the tongue sticking out~! Too funny, and you deserve it :)