Friday, December 5, 2008


We're friends, right?
We've been through a lot together.
So today, you won't mind if I grumble?
I have a love/hate relationship...
with my computer.
Most days I love it.
Some days I hate it.
Yesterday was a bad day.
My naiveté got the best of me.
I opened a virus.
My computer is fried.
The love is spreading.
People are texting, emailing and calling...
telling me I sent them a virus.
My apologies.
Really, I had no idea.
I've learned my lesson.
The hard way.
Just know this,
I DON'T want to see you naked,
I DON'T have any secret videos of you,
I DON'T have a crush on you,
(well maybe just a little) :)
And I DON'T use foul language.
If you get any emails or FB messages
containing these things...
DELETE them.
I AM thankful for smart
computer friends.
My computer is being worked on.
This will be it's 3rd resucitation.
(good grief)
Keep your fingers crossed
for quick healing.
Until then, I'm out of the blogging world.


LL said...

LADY! This is not good. WHY do you have to send such inapropriate things...shame on YOU!
Really, stuff like that irriates me. I'm sorry you have a virus.
Hurry back...

April said...

To your computer....get well soon!!!! Hopefully you'll get fixed right up in a hurry with a little bit of TLC

Schenewarks said...

What does your virus look like? Is it going to sneak attach or will I have a choice? Hate computers for that reason!

Primarymary said...

My computer got a bizarre virus yesterday right after I tried to open the video facebook said you sent. I should have known when the youtube didn't bypass my outdated flashplayer there was something not quite right. Anyway after much frustration and a factory restore, my computer lives again, and I am convinced that I need a way better anti virus/spyware program than I have. Good luck with your computer.

DainBramage1991 said...

Hi Becky. Sorry you got slammed with a virus. I've found that a good defense is the best offense. I use AVG Antivirus software (which happens to be free) with good results, but more importantly, I use a router with a built-in hardware firewall (This one is a D-Link DIR655, but there are plenty of other good ones on the market). I also use Blue Coat K9 Web Protection (also free) which is a powerful content filter. Lastly, and I think you might have just learned this lesson, don't open suspicious emails.
Hopefully this nerdly advice can be helpful in preventing future attacks.

ChefTom said...

We use Trend Micro for Virus Protection. It has been a good friend and not intrusive like some of the others tend to be.

Hope you are back with us soon.

Gilbert Family said...

I did get a pretty RISKY email from you on Facebook. I didn't open it because I knew there was something fishy about it...just deleted it!

Hope your computer gets fixed soon:)

Primarymary said...

I was using AVG up to yesterday, when it let the virus in. My spyware program chased it all over and even said it caught it once, but it escaped. When I do a factory restore it gives me a free trial of Mcafee, when that runs out I'll go back to Trend. It was the best one I've used so far.

Alicia said...

Sounds like it is time for s Mac. NO viruses. Love it!