Sunday, September 30, 2012


Every year the Make-A-Wish treats all of the NH wish families to a cruise around Lake Sunapee.  Today was that day.  
 It was a much needed respite for my family because we have been separated for a month now due to Jo's surgery/hospital stay.
 We had a lot of fun being together and visiting with other people that we know through Make-A-Wish.
 They served us a buffet dinner and then we played a few rounds of "Would you Rather".
 There was a DJ playing some fun music and so the girls and I did some serious dancing.  Kaleb wasn't too pleased. 
 We all took turns keeping a busy 1 year old occupied.
 And I did lots of smooching...I've missed my kids.
 We did lots of laughing...

 Eventually Brady got tired and fell asleep.
 We all were fighting to hold him because it's pretty much the only time he'll let us snuggle him.
 I love these guys.
 Even when they pick each others nose.

 And I LOVE this guy, he always makes me laugh.
 And his apples don't fall far from his tree. :)

Thank you Make-A-Wish.  We are always so grateful for all that you continue to do for our family!

Friday, September 28, 2012


When Brady's with me at the hospital...THIS is where we usually are.  Thankfully there is a lovely park right on campus that we can spend lots of time at because this boy is busy.
(and loves dirt)

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


I LOVE the fall.  I love the beautiful, sunny days.  Monday I took a break from the hospital (Jo has been in for 3 weeks now recovering from surgery and some complications)  and attended some of my children's games.  Kayla's game happened to be on the way back to the hospital so that was convenient.  They played Franklin and ended up beating them 4-2.  It wasn't their best game but they won none-the-less.  This current win puts their record at 7-1 which is HUGE considering 3 years ago they only won one game.  
Kayla is number 23 and has been the starting sweeper for the team for her 3 years of playing.
Of course I had my (very busy) sidekick with me.  I wish I had snapped a picture of him on our way out because his bright sunny self ended up finding some dirt and he was COVERED from head to toe.  Good times.  
I wish I had more photos of the game but it was hard trying to snap pictures with a baby on the run.
 So to try and resolve the 'running' baby, I threw him up on my shoulders.  I was laughing so hard because as soon as I did, he kept leaning over my left side to try and see my he couldn't believe that he was higher than me or something.  
 And then after making eye contact with me, he would slobber my cheek.  I'd like to think he was smooching me. :)  I love this kid!
Even though this picture is a little blurry I was happy to have caught such a great play.  Kayla made an intense defensive move by stopping an almost wide open shot at the goal.
Being able to watch my kid's games in between Jo's hospital stay has been good therapy.  As hard as it is to be away from Jo, I do look forward to supporting them at their events.  

Saturday, September 1, 2012


I have missed these days...the days of playing at the park.
 Brady's at the perfect age for our little local park.
He hasn't quite mastered his climbing...but it won't be long.
And while Brady played....Jo napped.
He loves the outdoors.  
Even though he's been sick this week and quite all goes away when he's outside.
And his happy, smiling self comes shining through.
Welcome back indeed I say!