Friday, December 19, 2008


My heart has been heavy.
Not my favorite kind of day.
One that I'll be glad to put behind me.
I was at my Thai Kickboxing class when the phone rang.
It was a teacher from Kaleb's school.
He was informing me that Kaleb was in a fight during recess.
A level 1 offense.
Let me back up a little to give you some background.
Kaleb struggles socially.
He always has.
As he gets older, he uses humor to win friendships.
Not all think he's funny.
Today he pushed someone's button.
This kid apparantely has a 'short fuse'.
(from what I was told)
He took Kaleb to the ground.
The teacher had to pull them apart.
Kaleb's not a physical child.
We have taught him better.
As a result...
Kaleb was emotionally truamatized,
while the other kid just walked away.
I picked him up early.
We spent some alone time together.
We talked...a LOT.
I helped him piece back together his broken little spirit.
It was a hard lesson learned.


The Coopers said...

you make sure to tell kaleb how much he is loved in missouri...if i could i would give him a big hug:) those are always the lessons we hope to avoid, but tend to be the ones that build the most character. he will come out a stronger person because of it. as long as he knows he has the love and support of those around him. which without a doubt he for sure does. he is a blessed boy to have you for a mother:)

Smilin' sunshine said...

So sorry! At least you could be there for him and spend some time together!

Aren't we lucky to be able to be there for our kids??!!

ChefTom said...

Kaleb and my Hunter are a lot alike, want to be everyone's friend and have tender hearts that break whenever they are not received well.
It is a hard lesson that has to be learned, sometimes over and over again. But I would rather have a good hearted boy who loves to help others than the opposite.

LL said...

oh YES, I've had one of those phone calls...yet another parenting moment that made me cry :)
I'm sorry! Cute Kaleb, he's loved...he's a lucky boy! and you're a good mom!!!

DainBramage1991 said...

We've always taught Tyler not to ever throw the first punch, but if someone else hit him he has every right to defend himself. Years ago, when he was still in public school, we got a similar phone call to the one you got. Someone had hit him and Tyler ended up knocking the other kid down on his behind. Imagine the consternation of the school's principal when we refused to let her punish him! (yes, you can do that. The parents have ultimate say, no matter what the schools might tell you)
I'm sorry Kaleb had to deal with a rough situation, but I'm glad that he's none the worse for wear in the long run. A few scuffles here and there are part of nearly every boy's childhood.

shirlgirl said...

Sounds like the other kid needs some anger management time. It's hard to tell a child to let friendships happen. Unfortunately not everyone likes us for one reason or other, and it hurts a lot. As we get older, we can build walls or look the other way, but so hard for a child do do that. Let Kaleb know that we love him and to just stay with the friends he has. If someone else wants to be his friend, it will happen. Trust in the Lord with all thine heart!

Ashlee said...

What a tough day for the poor kid! These kind of life lessons are so hard for young kids to grasp. Hopefully he has a better day! I'm sure it meant a lot that you were able to spend some one on one time with him.

christy said...

I am sorry for Kaleb's sad experience. Be glad for upcoming vacation to recoup with lots of good family time and love! I too have had calls about my childrens unacceptable acts. It is so hard to watch them go through the growing process. Tell him never to lose the sense of humor though! Most do appreciate it and need it!
Love the new van BTW!

Tina said...

Oh Kalebb!! You tell him his Aunt Tina loves him very much, and if she were there she would wrap him tight in her arms and NEVER let go!! The best bear hug EVER, even better than his Dads!! (what, what Steve!!) I'm glad you spent some one on one time, nothing like a Mommy's love to help you through tough times. He will learn that experiences make you stronger and that if he trusts in who he is IT DOESN'T MATTER what anyone does, they can't take that away!! Wish i could be there to give him and all of ya'll (like that countryness??) some lovin!!


<3 Tina

Amy said...

Oh that makes my hear ache and I have never even met him. Things like this are so sad to me. I have always felt it's so hard to watch my kids go to school knowing I"m not there to stick up for them! Oh this really makes me feel so sad. I hope he is OK.

April said...

Oh I am so sorry that happened. Poor guy. He's lucky to have you help him heal his spirit. I hope today was a better day.

Schenewarks said...

Sounds like Uncle Rich needs to share some of his stories from Colorado. Uncle Jarrod has a few under his belt as well. We love you!