Friday, December 12, 2008


Pictures by Stevie
Trees in our yard...
Poor, weighted down trees...
Pretty though...
huh? Don't ask me, it's called BORDOM during an ice storm. :)
We like to call this...Ninja's saving the day...
Today NH was in a 'state of emergency'.
We had a major ice storm last night.
400,000 homes lost power.
Ours included.
This is the worst power outage in NH history.
(so I'm told)
We were prepared in every way but one.
He needs electricity.
No way around it.
We felt helpless.
Thank goodness for dear friends.
He's in a warm, safe home tonight.
Guess we'll be purchasing a generator,
and SOON.
It was hard to part with him
in time of emergency.
I'm like a mother hen.
I want all my chicks gathered 'round.
This was a good lesson learned.
We are lucky.
Tonight our power returned.
(prayers were answered)
We are defrosting as I type.
I am thankful for electricity.


ChefTom said...

I'm glad everyone is ok and home safe. You have officially convinced me to never move east again permanently. I put a sweater on just looking at the pictures.

Mostly Stacie's Space said...

I am so glad you are all safe and sound. You know it's not good when your on the national new. :P I am glad everything went good with Ben. Love you, Stay safe and warm.

Jane said...

WOW! I am with Tom...I am not sure I could live in New England again either. Those "wicked" ice storms would keep me here in our 65 degree AZ winter.
I am glad your power is back, and Ben is safe and sound with you again. Stay safe and warm!

Joy said...

Crazy. I just got back from running in the beinging of a windy snow storm and I am cold enough thank you!!! Warm shower here I come.

April said...

Are you frozen solid yet? You DO live in the North Pole....hang in there!

shirlgirl said...

We were in Ashland/Holderness over the weekend. They didn't have any problems and the only ice we encountered was in our friends' driveways. They didn't lose power which was fortunate. Of course, I called our friends on Friday night before we headed to NH on Saturday morning. Glad you are all safe and sound and that you didn't have long to wait for the electricity to come on. I agree with the generator--a necessity for Benji. The pictures Stevie took are beautiful, by the way.

Adam and Anya said...

So glad to read this update about that ice storm! We've heard about it and I'm grateful all of you are safe!

barryblog said...

Thismay be the first time I have not wished I lived closer to you. Me and Snow don't go well together, thus we live in AZ. I was thinking about you today for more reasons than 1. Merry Christmas. I hope today has good times. Tomorrow will be even better!! It gets easier for me everyday now that the "Due Date" is passed. Just want you to know I am thinking about you.