Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Being humble...
We try to make sure our kids understand this concept.
Just the other day I was getting Stevie ready for her basketball game.
She needed help putting her hair into a ponytail.
After I was done she was looking through Kayla's hair accessories.
She had some of those athletic headbands
that keep the 'fly-a-ways' out of your face.
Stevie felt she needed to wear one.
There was a variety to choose from, all by "NIKE".
She asked me:
S - "Mom, do you think I should wear
the one that says UNSTOPPABLE or just NIKE?"
M - "I don't know, which one do YOU think you should wear?"
S - "I think I'll wear UNSTOPPABLE because mom,
I AM unstoppable."
(she was totally serious)
It doesn't help that she's the tallest girl on the team
and is the only one that can even reach the basket
never mind MAKE a basket.
But still...
A little chat was in order. :)


LL said...

unstoppable is a good thing...she's just confident, I love it!
cute picture :)

KeriLyn and Matthew said...

That is funny!

The Mormon Monk said...

Hey--Who bought UNSTOPPABLE her headband? More importantly, Becky, which one are you wearing on Friday?

Becky said...

Big Z: Kayla's headbands came with her NIKE basketball shoes. (otherwise I would never endorse such a product.) I won't be wearing any headbands Friday...I think my banner says enough. :) How's that for humility? (wink, wink)

Jenny said...

You're a good mom.
A chat about humility is better than humble pie!

Smilin' sunshine said...

At least she is confident in herself. I think that is better than thinking you can't do anything!

ChefTom said...

Humble pie is sometimes a treat for others it is never a treat for ourselves. Confidence is good for kids to have, as long as they keep it in perspective.

shirlgirl said...

She certainly is a confident young gal. She probably wasn't even thinking about her comment other than she knows she's good at what she does. Talks always help to put things in perspective, though. I love Stevie. She is a great gal and has a great Mom. Love, Aunt Shirley

Joy said...

Oh I totally would have gone of the unstoppable! Just goes to show how is the better mother:)

Schenewarks said...

But Mom, she is unstoppable. What a great attitude. She's so full of spunk.