Saturday, December 13, 2008


Tonight was the annual
"Make A Wish"
Christmas Party
Ben was the "Guest of Honor"
This is what I spent half the night doing....
eating from the chocolate fountain
that was 5 pillars high! (mmmmm)
This is how I spent the other
half of the night,
kissing my cute boy's cheeks.
There were lots of toys and fun.
This is Ben's special star wand.
It sparkles in a really cool way.
We visited Santa's lap,
and told him how good we've all been.
We even got to visit Minnie and Mickey.
Kayla spent most of her time here.
She was in bead heaven.
Dad and his boys.

This is a video of Steve making a balloon candy cane. Balloon creations are his specialty.


Watch and see. Book him for your next party. Really...he's for hire. :)


Thank you Make A Wish for a most excellent time. We are so grateful for your generosity and always making my family feel so special. We are especially grateful for our wish granters Kim and Maureen. We love you both!!! Words cannot express how much you have touched our lives.


Schenewarks said...

Fun, fun, fun! I like the sparkly toy.

Diane said...

It looks like great time was had by all,Becky, that chocolate looks yummy! I didn't know Steve was a balloon creator,would have booked him for last nights party @ my many styles can he make? Thank you for the family photo card, my favorite is the one where everyones holding hands in unity.merry christmas, Diane

Christy said...

Your family is blessed to be in contact with so many awesome people!
Who love you dearly..who couldn't with talents such as balloon art!
You look like you are wearing huge Micky ears too when I first glance at the probably would if given the chance right?
Love you for that!

April said...

What a special night! I'm glad so you all had fun (I hope it was heated!) Your hubby is adorable! What talent! Ben is just so handsome. I love that boy!

Mostly Stacie's Space said...

Hey Lady looks like you had a wonderful time with your family. I don't know if I will ever live back in NH but I am hopefull that one day marc will make enough that I will be able to visit more often. :) Love ya

ChefTom said...

I would like to book Steve for the Daytona 500 weekend in February, he should practice making race cars, I can't afford to fly him out, so I am sending him a sign to hold on the side of the road to hitch rides with truckers. I will feed him and he can sleep with the dog by the backdoor.
it $35 a day too much? I don't want to turn him into a diva......

Smilin' sunshine said...

We really need Steve for some party. I think I should plan one just to see that talent in action!!

I am glad you were able to attend this party! Looks like fun!

Cindi said...

You can tell an expert...a master...just by the concentrated look on his face while he is plying his art...(hope he doesn't plan on giving up his day job!) What fun!!!

shirlgirl said...

Glad you all had such a fun time. I saw a commercial on TV last night about Make A Wish and thought of you and the wonderful time you all had in Florida a couple of years ago. They do wonderful things for those in need of a change in their life even for a short time.

LL said...

How am I SO behind in blogs??? I need this week to be OVER!
Anyway, I LOVE the make a wish foundation. We have a friend in Utah that works for them. I LOVE their cookbook, do you have it?
No seriously, it's fabulous!
CUTE pictures...Ben is ALWAYS the guest of Honor in my opinion. And the chocolate fountain...HELLO!

KeriLyn and Matthew said...

Looks like a fun night! I am so glad they do that kind of stuff! All of you deserve fun nights like that!

Rachel said...

So fun! Looks like a great evening.