Thursday, December 4, 2008


This picture makes me smile.
Last night I was helping Ben get ready for bed.
It was a busy time.
Others needed my help too.
Daddy was gone.
I would go back and forth
between Ben and my other children.
At one point when I was leaving his bedside,
he grabbed hold of my sweatshirt.
It made me smile.
It was as if he was saying,
Even though others were calling,
I stayed just a little bit longer.


Becky said...

Diane...I need your address. Please email me at
Thanks! :)

ChefTom said...

He is a mama's boy.

Anonymous said...

Okay, I needed that today. Love this post. Steve

Cindi said...

I love that you are so sweetly aware...thank you--reminds me to pay attention to those little moments with those I love...

Erica said...

What a sweet, still, quiet reminder :) I'm so grateful that you share Ben with us...he teaches all of us with his tenderness. Thanks Becky...and BEN!

Schenewarks said...

Good for Ben. Nice to see Steve. I want an anonymous comment on mine.

Jenny said...

So next time you're over cleaning and cleaning, if I grab hold of your sweatshirt, will you not flee?
You're a sweet mom.

April said...

Oh how sweet! What a sweet boy-- and a sweet mom too.

LL said...

ohhh I LOVE that. love it!!!

shirlgirl said...

So very touching and sweet. It would make me smile, too. He is a precious angel.

tara @ kidz said...

That is hands down the most precious picture I have ever seen. EVER.

Found you through Daily Scoop and I'm glad I stopped by!

Diane said...

That is a sweet moment to share with us and your sensitivity in not being too busy to savor the moment.

priscilla said...

That made me cry because one day he will say, "Welcome I can be the one to welcome you."
WE all need one another. How blessed our family is.
LOve your music.


Ashlee said...

I don't blame you for staying longer with the cutie. Heart melting moments should be savored. :0)