Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Taking a quick breather during class...

Today was a big day in my Thai Kickboxing class. I tested for my "Green/Brown" belt and so Steve came to video some of it. I thought it would be a good opportunity to show you what we do in our classes. Steve and I take this class three times a week together while the kids are in school. (Steve prefers his Jui Jitsu class over the Thai class so he takes Thai whenever he is not busy with the other one.) It's the best workout EVER! This is a belt class, meaning that you learn different forms and physical requirements before you can advance to the next belt. You start at white and they move down the line in this order.

  1. white belt
  2. yellow belt
  3. orange belt
  4. purple belt
  5. blue belt
  6. blue/green belt
  7. green belt
  8. green/brown belt
  9. brown belt
  10. 2nd degree brown belt
  11. black belt

From white to orange you have to earn 16 stripes on your belt, purple and above it is 24 stripes. You earn a stripe with each class you attend as long as you can do the physical requirements and learn the forms. As you can see I am really close to obtaining my black belt in Thai Kickboxing. With green/brown I have to be able to do 50 push-ups, know all 8 forms, jump rope for 8 minutes and do 100 sit-ups. It is a great workout and the instructors are excellent. I started a year ago in November so it's been just over a year that I have been taking the class. When I first started I remember I could barely do 15 push-ups. Now I can do 50. It's amazing how fast it happens. In some of these pictures you can see the different belts that I have had - not all are shown. I made a video of the class but unfortuanately the battery to our camera died so we only got through about half. The further the class went along the harder it got so you missed the best parts - ohwell. My sister-n-law Alana has taken the class with me and so she can vouch for the excellent workout that it provides.

This is a "round house kick" or "Thai kick"
Listening to some instruction before a drill.
Warming up before class


Amy said...

Becky you are so amazing!!! When do you have time to do this!?!??!? You are awesome. Looks like a great class. I'd love to do something like this some day. I LOVED getting caught up on everything. Stevie is a doll! I loved all of your pictures.

Anonymous said...

I don't want to run into you in a dark ally. You Go GIRL!!! Your awesome.


Alicia said...

Holy Crap, (can I say that on your blog?) that made me tired just watching the video, how cool is that. Way to go!

N1RKW said...

Becky, remind me not to pick a fight with you at church! :)

Homeschool Mom said...

Go Becky!
I'll send all the people that give me a hard time to you. You can sort them out for me! Kick butt and ask questions later!


Anonymous said...


Just kidding. I'm jealous of the workout.


paulak said...

You are my new hero. I took a class in Karate, self-defense. It was fun, but I didn't continue. You rock, with your rock hard abs. By the way, love the pink gloves.

Carol said...

As I was going through the blogs of my girls I noticed your comments and had to come to your blog. It is 12:30 am and I should go to bed but had to comment on your class. Wow, what a workout and you look great. Since I don't have my own blog I get my information from the girls.I am going to answer the question you posed to Rachel. Melanie is in Kaysville,UT., Alicia in Twin Falls, Carrie in Brighton, Michigan, Paula in Colorado, Rachel in Provo, Jacque in Provo, EJ in Paris. Rachel and Matt are looking at graduate school and Jacque and Mark are at the Y until Mark graduates. Paul and I are in Twin. Rachel can answer but I wanted to just say Hi. You are a cute Mom and what a special family. Tell your parents Hi.

Ben Hutchins said...

Hey... remember how you used to beat me up when we were kids (ticklet torture)... please don't start again :) You look great!