Friday, January 11, 2008


This picture is from July when we were out visiting family in Utah. I wanted to post this picture earlier but didn't because I hadn't sent out my Christmas cards yet and this is the picture we used. of yesterday afternoon, I finally was able to mail our cards. (whew!) What a stressful event that is. How many people are with me? Don't get me wrong, I love receiving Christmas cards because for the most part it is the only time you hear from certain people. It's a chance to catch up on each others lives. I also love seeing the pictures that are sent. But...if you don't send them out every year, chances are you will be nixed from somebody's list. I admit it, I have done that to others in the past. Some are added, others are subtracted. It's this pressure of staying on the list. The other reason that we do cards (and I'm sure everyone has their different reasons) is because it is our gift to others. We don't do gifts for most people. I am really trying to get away from the whole material part of Christmas. I would rather have the gift of time. So...because I cannot spend time with everyone on my list, I take the time to write about our past year and send a picture so that they can see how we are all growing and changing. There...with that said, please keep your Christmas cards coming. And for goodness sake, please keep me on your list!!!

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Anonymous said...

Steve is OFF my list because I've called him about a dozen times and left messages half of those times (including 2 times when we had Kayla and Stevie at the house) and he never calls me back!