Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Every Tuesday I go to the school to volunteer in Stevie's classroom. The teacher usually has me typing the books that the kids have most recently written. I enjoy going in to help and I know that Stevie really loves it too. As soon as I come in the room Stevie usually takes Ben right over to her table so that he can sit with her while she does her work. While I finish up the kids leave for recess and then come back in for lunch. The teacher allows Stevie to sit with me during her lunch period so that she can spend some time with me. After we eat lunch she usually takes Ben into the "Reading Igloo" where she likes to read to Ben. Sometimes the teacher doesn't have a lot for me to do so I end up visiting with Stevie instead. It has been a lot of fun interacting with her during her school day. I think Ben enjoys it just as much. I'm grateful that the teachers have always been so tolerant of me taking Ben to volunteer with me. Below you can see the different things that we did today. The first picture Stevie is showing Ben her newly published book "My New Puppy Max". I love the illustrations that she did. Stevie loves to kiss her brother. While eating lunch, she was showing me her "yummy" turkey roll-up. Lastly you can see Stevie and Ben in the "Reading Igloo". The two videos are of Stevie feeding Ben a red pepper and Stevie reading to Ben. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Nevermind the school stuff. How about that haircut? WOW. Cute girl.

Uncle A.

Alicia said...

That is priceless, how fun to have such great interaction at school and to get to take Ben, that is cool. Cute videos!

paulak said...

What a sweetheart!