Tuesday, January 1, 2008


This is only half the crew that went out the door
at midnight. Notice all the barefeet...

Happy New Year to everyone. Last night we spent the evening at my sister Jenny's house along with Aaron's family, my family (minus Steve and Ben) and Zach and Alana. We spent the night playing pool, dance dance revolution and a bunch of other fun activities. But...the reason I chose to blog about this particular event is because of the tradition that my sister Jenny started about 16 years ago or so. Before midnight hits, we each choose something that we want to have happen in the new year whether it is to improve upon something or maybe you hope will happen, and then you choose an item to represent that wish. When you decide upon the item (some choose scriptures in hopes that they will be more dutiful in their scripture study, some carry money in hopes that maybe their financial situation will improve, etc.) then off come the shoes and socks and we stand by the door as the countdown to the new year begins. Once midnight strikes we all head out the door carrying our items and run around the house barefoot in the snow. It's crazy, I know...but it is a fun tradition and everyone looks forward to it each year. Because the snow was crunchy and hard and around 8 inches deep, some of us did not make it all the way around the house. (just for your info, you only have to run outside and back in again for it to count.) Zach, Roger jr. and Adam were the only ones that made it around the entire house - and mind you it is not a small house. Congrats to them and to the rest of you...Happy New Year!!!

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