Wednesday, January 23, 2008


So today Kaleb arrived home from school and came running downstairs to find me. He was in a panic because he had a school project that was due tomorrow - WHAT? Talk about pressure. I had a brief talk with Kaleb about how nice it would have been if he could have filled me in on this sooner. Now...I was easy on him because with all his Dartmouth trips lately (including yesterday) he has missed a fair share of school. His teacher called about an hour after he arrived home and told me if we really needed to, we could have until Friday because of his excused absences. By this time we were already 75% done so we forged ahead. The basis of his project was to create a fort that represented the period during the revolutionary war. We actually had a lot of fun making it and were lucky to have all the items needed at home. Kaleb wanted his fort to represent France and so he painted some army men blue. The paint does not come off clothing so that is why he doesn't have a shirt on in one of the pictures. The end result was wonderful and Kaleb is so excited to share his fort with everyone tomorrow.

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Alicia said...

Yeah for you guys. I taught US and World History for almost 6 years, so this looks like a blast to me. Nice work!