Sunday, February 3, 2008


"Brothers gotta HUG"

Happy Birthday Rich!!! Because I didn't make it down to your little surprise party last night I wanted to atleast let you know I was thinking of you today. I finished your "edible" birthday present this afternoon and will be mailing it out in the morning. Hopefully you'll receive it in a couple of days. I imagine that you had a great day with all ten of your children and your sweet wife. I hope that you were atleast made to endure the "spanking machine". (smile) We love you Rich! From all of us here at the Orton home...

White Elephant Party 2006
Kelly and Rich at Jenny's for Easter dinner 2006
Isabelle and Moriah with their Dad after the egg hunt 2006
The Blues Brothers make an appearance at the Hutchins' Family Reunion 2oo6
Hutchins' Family skit 2006

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Anonymous said...

Outstanding. As was my day both Saturday and Sunday. What could be more entertaining than going out to dinner with my beautiful wife with Aaron to do the play by play? The waitress knew we were really going to rock the place when all 6 of us ordered water to drink (although Aaron asked for Decaf water). 41 and still dunking - Love Rich