Sunday, January 13, 2008


Here are the most recent pictures of Ben. I took these pictures because Ben was having a really good day and I wanted to document how good he looked. I love these kind of days because he is very alert and his eyes are so big and beautiful. One of the qualities I most appreciate about Ben are his eyes. They are like a window to his spirit. Most people who meet Ben comment on them. I am grateful that he was blessed with such amazing eyes. Below you can see how tall he is getting. Ben is hovering around the 40lb. mark but that doesn't stop him from continuing to stretch out. Must be those tall Hutchins' genes. I'm still able to lift and carry him but can't do it for long periods of time like I used to. With Ben's disablility, he has some pretty good contractures - meaning he is very stiff - so that makes it harder to carry him. Thankfully I have my big and buff husband who helps with a lot of the lifting, though I keep whispering to Ben that he will never be too big or heavy for me to snuggle or carry.

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paulak said...

What a sweetheart. He does have beautiful eyes. I don't know if you knew, but I am a pediatric home care nurse. I take care of children at night, all of whom have trachs. I love my job and I love the children I take care of. I wish I lived closer to you for two reasons, so I could take pictures of your family and help take care of your little angel. I am not working much these days, now being a mom, but that is what I did in Logan for five years, before moving here to Colorado. What a blessing to have such a loving child in your home. Heavenly Father really loves you, to allow you to be the mother of one of his most cherished children. Thank you for sharing his story.