Monday, January 21, 2008


For our Family Home Evening Activity tonight, Kaleb chose indoor football. It was the funniest game ever. Steve was his own team against the kids. I had to video it for posterity sake. I hope you enjoy a little peak into our night home together. For those who are not familiar with what Family Home Evening is a designated night where the whole family is home and spends the evening together. We always have a lesson (taught by Stevie), songs (me), opening and closing prayer (by invitation), treats (Kayla), spotlight (Steve - he did the worm form of breakdancing - it was hilarious), testimony (Steve) and activity (Kaleb). It's a great way to grow closer to one another. Tonights lesson was on service. Stevie had everyone pick a name out of the bag and you had to keep your name secret. For the next week we are supposed to do secret service for that family member. Since I know none of you will tell, I'll reveal to you who I picked - Stevie. I always love when my children get involved in service. It is a great way to forget about yourself and focus on others.


Anonymous said...

Good times with Uncle Steve.


Ben Hutchins said...

I love Kayla's touch down dance. Good stuff. I want to be on Steve's team :)


Alicia said...

That was too much fun, I have to say my favorite part was the string of touchdown dances. Great FHE!