Wednesday, January 2, 2008


I love snow! I love lots and lots of snow. We returned home from our weekend with family to another snow storm. It was great. For those who haven't heard, NH broke their snow record for the month of December. Monday's storm broke the 100 year old record. To start the new year off with a bang, we got another storm that produced another foot or so. If you love snow, this is the place to be. I think we have over three feet total right now. I hope you enjoy these pictures!

This is our trampoline

Our GMC Safari was almost buried.


Anonymous said...

i'm with you, i love the snow!!!! i also love Harry and David...thanks for my chocolate treats. I'll send someone to unlock your car anyday-

Anonymous said...

I love all the pictures you are sharing via your blog :) Its fun to stay updated. I love you.