Monday, January 14, 2008


Happy snow day everyone!! Another day stuck at home....darn. Here are some pictures of the snow towards the beginning of the storm. If I remember I'll take more towards the end and post them. I still love all the snow that we have been getting. I did have a weak moment last week when we had a lot of melting due to the warm weather and ended up with some water damage. But after today I decided that I can't help but love snow. I liken it to the atonement because when we repent we are made clean again, just like when it snows - everything becomes clean and white. Before my kids were awake I snuck into their rooms and took pictures of them sleeping in. It is nice to enjoy that luxury every once in a while. We will spend the day shoveling, playing in the snow, drinking hot chocolate and playing games. Time to go make the waffles... (Below I added a video of the falling snow)

This video is of Kaleb shoveling during the storm


TroxelTribe said...

Hi Becki! You left a comment on my blog about New Beginnings... I so appreciate and enjoy seeing new people who visit there! :)
Anyway, I have since decided to no do the King Benjamin idea b/c a few of my girls don't have families that would come. I know they could have a tent with me, another family, other yw, etc., but just knowing the personalities of our ward, I decided that it might make them feel a little left out.
However, if you're planning on using the idea about King Benjamin (go for it! I still think it sounds like SO much fun! I kinda have 'buyers' remorse. lol), another lady left some comments that post about tying the yw values/colors into campy things (purple mountains, orange fire, etc). I can't take credit for that idea, but I think it's a great one. There are also a couple other ones. Good luck!

By the way, it looks like you have a wonderful family! And come back to our blog whenever you like :)

Alicia said...

Hi I just got your Christmas Card today, what a great picture, you look the same as you did in high school, lucky you. Thanks for the blog address, I love blogging. If you get a chance check out my family's That is some crazy snow, we have not had much, but we never really do.

N1RKW said...

Hi Becky,
I always enjoy reading your blog. Those are some great pics of the kids, though I wonder what they think about them. ;)

You're right about Ben's eyes, they truly are beatiful. It's hard to believe that he is getting so big, the time just seems to fly by.
- Adam

Carol said...

Alicia told me about your blog and I just had to take a quick look as to what you are doing. What wonderful pictures, what a wonderful family and I love the one with you and your Mom. The memories of our time in Massachusetts with you and your family will be with us forever. Alicia was so excited to get on your blog, we have kept in touch with some things because of Rachel and Matt living in NH and their chance to see you a few times. Great blog. Sister Morgan

paulak said...

Wow, I wish we were getting that kind of snow. Colorado just isn't getting hit like I heard they usually do. Its beautiful. I love it when everything is white and pure.