Saturday, January 3, 2009


See this picture?
It's my upstairs bathroom.
It's been like this for almost 3 years now.
Slowly being pieced together.
Did I mention it was SLOW?
Good, cuz I wasn't sure.
Let me paint you a picture of the problem.
You see...almost 3 years ago,
Kaleb put his elbow through the bottom of the tub.
It was the result of me asking him to go brush his teeth.
He's talented that way.
Brushing teeth=hole in tub.
Makes sense, right?
Well, as he was brushing his teeth...
He decided he would twirl in the shower curtain at the same time.
While doing so he lost his balance,
and the edge of the tub caught him behind his knees
causing him to tumble backwards.
He braced his fall with his elbows,
one of them putting a softball size hole in the tub.
We should have just replaced it with a shower insert,
then I wouldn't be telling you this story.
But hey...we like difficult, right?
I decided it would look nice if we tiled the walls instead.
We got a higher walled tub for Ben too.
Why not take the linoleum out why we're at it?
We did.
Thus you see the nicely tiled floor that my husband put in.
He's afraid of tiling the walls.
It's like a mental block.
It's taken him almost 3 years of me cheering him on.
(okay, some of it nagging)
This week was the week.
He was going to tackle his fear.
Course it's taken all week to mentally prepare
and yesterday to buy the remaining supplies.
Today was the day.
Until last night came.
That's when the floodgates opened.
Steve was gone.
I was upstairs putting Ben to bed.
Stevie needed something from the basement.
She was afraid to go down by herself.
I assured her it was okay.
There was nothing to be afraid of.
Then she heard some noises.
That discouraged her even more.
I got a little impatient and told her to GO!
She headed down the basement stairs...
I hear her yell something about someone taking a shower???
All kids are in bed, Steve is gone...hmmm....
She tiptoes further down and starts screaming,
"There's water mom, COME QUICK!"
I dropped what I was doing and ran.
As I went running down the stairs all I could see was STEAM.
Then I heard the water.
Through the fog I saw the problem.
One of the pipes had broken.
Scalding hot water had been pouring out,
through our insulation,
through the ceiling tiles,
through the sheet rock and paint,
down the window and sill
and all over the couch and rug.
Stevie's still SCREAMING,
I'm running for the phone to call Steve,
trying to calm Stevie,
calling the other kids to come help
and running to the furnace to shut off the water switch.
(all at the same time, I'm a multi-tasker)
Too late, lots of damage was done.
The water was SO hot that it bubbled the paint right off.
Our couch cushions were soaked along with the rug.
4 of our nice ceiling tiles were ruined.
The insulation had to be pulled out and the paint peeled.
So much for my bathroom getting tiled.
THIS is what Steve did today.
You can't see both sides of the window walls,
but they both looked like the one to the right.

We probably went through 10 towels trying to soak up all the water. I took this picture after most of the cleanup was done. This picture does not do it justice. The couch is completely dismantled to allow the cushions to dry and all the tile debri is cleaned up.

The good news? I still have a home to shelter my family. Sure we'll have to continue brushing our teeth around all the construction chaos upstairs and maybe we'll have to sit on the floor while watching movies in the basement until the couch dries but HEY! My home is still standing. :)


LL said...

You have a fabulous attitude (AS ALWAYS) but seriously, what the heck!?!?
I feel your pain. I promise I do. You'll have to ask R and A about our 27 year home repair project. I did dishes in the tub for a while.

Although, knock on wood, we've never had a pipe break!!!
Good luck with the drying out. Wish I lived closer, (have I mentioned that before?) ;)

Sojourner said...

Well, one hundred years from now you'll look back and compare it to a charlie chaplin comedy,to look on the bright side.

Jo Jo said...

Ouch, sorry I wasn't there to help. So glad the scalding water didn't dump on a live person. What made the pipe break?

Becky said...

Steve thinks our contractor that helped finish the basement did not insulate the pipes correctly. Since we are not using oil this winter - only our pellet stove, the pipe ended up freezing. :(

ChefTom said...

You should write a book, you had me laughing and then feeling bad for you all in the same post. Glad Steve is a handy man to have around.

shirlgirl said...

Oh, Becky--so sorry about the pipe bursting. I got a call tonight from one of the gals at church, and our services are cancelled for tomorrow. One of the sprinkler pipes in the attic at the church burst and did some damage in the choir room and basement classrooms. Fortunately the sanctuary was not damaged by the water. The water also hit the electrical panel, so the electricity was shut off. They have someone at the church drying it out and will have to be sure that the panel is dry before they turn the electricity on again. I don't know how much damage there is to the choir room--? all the robes, music, rugs, furniture--I don't know at this point. Alan is away, and I am wondering if he'll cut his vacation short and head back to Massachusetts. He is in Iowa. Not a good day for pipes, that's for sure.

Aaron H. said...

ouch. sorry about that!

Rachael said...

I'm sorry that happened! But, at least it wasn't a sewage issue!...Might I suggest that you call your homeowner's ins. co. and see what they have to say...Good Luck!

Mostly Stacie's Space said...

When it rains it pours it seems. :P Yes, that was a bit tounge in cheek, but it is better to laugh, then to cry. Love ya, good luck with the clean up.

Jenny said...

And then you woke up, right?! RIGHT???!!!!
Oh dear.
Double oh dear. (sigh)
You are a double good sport.
AND I do think you ought to see what your homeowner's insurance can do for you. Ask NOT what you can do for them...

Alicia said...

Oh Becky, what a nightmare. I am so sorry.

April said...

I feel can almost feel the
soggy-ness now.... I am so sorry! I'd be a soaker-upper if I could!
Love you!

KeriLyn and Matthew said...

That is not fun, I am sure. I am sorry you have to deal with that, and i hope some day you get to have your bathroom finished.

Nanci said...

This brings back memories for me. Pipe leak from the master bedroom = living room ceiling ruined. We did call our insurance company - they came out and wrote a check. Good luck and it's a good thing you didn't panic!

barryblog said...

Do NOT ever build your own house!! I am still trying to get things completed in the first place. who knew that AC covers are $50 each. Well, I know now (Cuz I have 3 that don't fit and 4 holes in my ceiling). I feel for you. Just laugh and smile it off. Who really cares?? Except for you and Me!!

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