Tuesday, January 6, 2009


It started with a few swollen knuckles on her hand.
Then it progressed to her left ankle.
She limped because it hurt to put weight on it.
The ankle became red and swollen.
Then a few nights later I was awake in bed.
It was midnight.
Kayla was moaning in her sleep.
I asked her what was wrong.
She told me her wrist was really hurting.
I went in to look and saw that it was red and swollen.
I started getting that sinking feeling.
You know...the one you get when you know it's not good?
The next morning it had moved to the right ankle.
Yep...red and swollen.
Painful to walk on.
She went to school and to her basketball practice.
That night she came home complaining of her knee.
By the next morning it was really swollen,
she could hardly walk on it.
I called the doctor.
Blood work was taken.
the results were not good,
she's guessing "Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis".
I suspected this before taking her in.
My heart sank.
She's headed next month to see the specialist.
More Dartmouth appointments.
During the vacation it continued.
She felt it in her neck,
then she developed the rash that goes with JRA.
Yesterday I picked her up from basketball.
Her coach told me Kayla was really quiet during practice.
I went in to see her.
She was so sad.
I asked her what was wrong.
She pulled up both pant legs and I saw.
Her right knee was HUGE.
The joint was so swollen,
and it was painful.
Another medical trial.
I find it interesting that we continue to be dealt these cards.
I'm not bitter,
my heart just hurts.
(here is a great site for JRA if you are interested)


Cindi said...

Becky, so sorry for Kayla's having this issue. Nicole and Missy were both diagnosed with JRA around the age of 7...I feel so so bad. The good news is that the treatment has come a long long ways from then...and both girls went into remission when they became young adults...

ellen said...

That's a drag. Sorry K.

LL said...

BECKY ORTON! What the heck. Sweet little Kayla...I'm sorry!
This reminds me of Running With Angels, isn't this what one of her daughters had?
You guys are AMAZING, you and your positive view on life, I love it and hope to learn from YOU and your kids.
Kayla, we love you!!!

Jenny said...

Oh Kayla, LOTS of love comin' your way! You know, Becky, that she's going to stumble through this, too, and at the end she's going to say (in her Kayla way) "I'm okay! I'm good!"

Becky said...

ll - YES...that is what one of the daughters had. Bummer, huh? Kayla has been so good about it...I don't ever hear from her unless her joint is twice the size it should be, THEN she tells me.

Sojourner said...

I guess it's because she's inherited her inner strength from you,amazing how you keep carrying on no matter what,reminds me on my mother,she also plowed through much adversity.keep smiling.

Sojourner said...

I guess it's because she's inherited her inner strength from you,amazing how you keep carrying on no matter what,reminds me on my mother,she also plowed through much adversity.keep smiling.

Smilin' sunshine said...

So sorry for yet another trial. I am so amazed at you and your family's positive attitudes.

You inspire us all!

barryblog said...

Becky, You handle these things so well that Heavenly Father thinks he can keep giving them to you. I am sorry for her pain. Hopefully they can help reduce the pain.

Ashlee said...

I feel so sad for your daughter. This must be so hard on her. She sounds like a trooper. Best wishes for the treatment!

Anonymous said...

my heart hurts with yours for Kayla

shirlgirl said...

Oh, Becky, I am so sorry about Kayla. What a trouper she is with this. I will be sure that she is placed on the prayer list ASAP. We love you Kayla, and hope that the medicine that the doctor gives you helps you alot. Lots of love coming your way from Aunt Shirley and Uncle David.

Rachel said...

I'm sorry Becky...and Kayla. That can't be easy. Good luck at Dartmouth.
PS: I HAVE been reading your blog faithfully, just not so good with the comments right now.

ChefTom said...

OK big hugs and prayers coming your way. I know that they have treatment for regular RA, it seems to help quite a bit, I don't know about JRA though.

pssst Kayla, this is a good time to ask for extra ice cream and hugs. You will score big... try it.

Natalie said...

I love your family picture on the top of your blog! I can;t believe how much your kids are growing! You look as beautiful as ever Becky! I loved reading your basketball alumni post and it totally brought back memories looking at the pictures inside of the gym! What is your email address by the way? To answer your question on my blog...I actaully don't think my parents look at my blog very often! hee hee I guess I should emaiol them with the link each time I update it so they can keep up!! Becky, I feel so bad for Kayla. Living with pain is so difficult, especially at a young age! I will continue to keep your family in my prayers. You are so amazing to me Becky! I want your email address!! :)

Oitentando said...

I dont´t speak english...I'm from Brasil,but I love your family picture on the top of your blog too!
God bless you!

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Swimmingmom said...

Uggh, I'm so sorry to hear that, Becky. She looks like such a beautiful girl and what I can tell by just the few times I've visited your blog you are all troopers. Your heart must be so sad for her. It's so hard as a mother to see our children struggle. I hope she can find comfort and that you can too.

Sarah said...

That's my cousin! always the brave one! Kayla I love you sooo much and I hope you are better the next time we go sledding! :)
Sarah Jane

Becky said...

Apparently I have me a Brazilian friend too! Just call me the international blogger. ;)

April said...

Oh Becky- my heart hurts for you. It's so hard to see your kids hurting. Heavenly Father blessed her with YOU for a reason! You are such an example of courage even in the midst of challenges! I'm thinking of you both with tender thoughts and prayers tonight. Give her a hug from me...and tell Stevie her comment on my blog made me smile. I hope I can squeeze those kiddos of yours sometime! I LOVE YOU!

nanci said...

Becky - words can't express what I'm feeling for you. I wish I could give you and your sweet family a big hug. You'll be in my prayers.

Adam and Anya said...

I'll be waiting to hear what the specialist says. Hang in there - you CHAMPION family!

Alicia said...

Man, Becky, your plate is certainly full. Good luck to all of you, and hugs to Kayla.

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