Sunday, January 18, 2009


Blogging friends: I need your help.
Remember THIS post?
My bathroom still isn't done.
I think my husband needs a little encouragement.
Will you take a moment and extend some his way?
(he secretly reads my blog, he'll see your comments)
Go ahead...
cheer him on!
Ben would like his bathtub back.
I appreciate your friendly cheers. will give him some motivation.
(and me my sanity)
I thank you in advance!
Here are my 'untiled' walls.
Don't they look so BARE?
It's quite dreary in my bathroom...
with all this gray.
Here's all the trim that needs to go back on the walls.
They look much better on the wall than on my tub.

Here is Ben's beautifully deep tub.
He misses it.


LL said...

Steve. You have GOT to teach your wife how to tile so she can get something done for once :)
J/K friend Becky!
STEVE. Dear Steve. I think you can I think you can I think you can.
Go and do the things the wife commands!

Mostly Stacie's Space said...

Come on Steve, I know you can do it because I can do it. There is no letting a girl do the job better than you? Just keep up that montra "I know I can!" Besides think how 'grateful' Becky will be. ;) Wink Wink. Good Luck Big Guy! I know you can do it.

Wiggles said...

Steve, you are one hunka, hunka get the job done sort of guy! Let's see some results here. I know you can do it.

ChefTom said...

Steve, I understand brother, perfection takes time and planning, put up just the bottom row and then stew on it for a while and then try the next row and pause. This method will cause TWO great things from happening;
1. You will make progress on the bathroom (which is the goal anyway)
2. You won't have to feel ganged up on and nagged by EVERYONE's wife.

Good Luck!!!

Becky said...

no, no, NO tom...not NAGGING, just encouraging. :) steve needs a little help getting over his 'emotional wall'.

nanci said...

Steve - take it one tile at a time, one tile at a time!

Jo Jo said...

Steve has been waiting for me to return. We got the floor and shed done this summer, we'll get the walls done next. Be patient. Masterpieces take time. Steve, until then, you're in charge of giving Ben baths.

shirlgirl said...

Come on, Steve, do this for your lovely wife and for Ben. He needs his tub!! Think of all the goodies that were put up from the garden to stock your food pantry--tiling the bathroom would be a wonderful thank you for all the things that Becky does. Love you. Aunt Shirley

Christy said...

Becky, just stop taking showers for a week and see if he notices, you don't have anywhere to go right, it's winter. (place the dirty clothes on his desk chair)
Mighty putty FINALLY fixed my ailing bathroom this weekend after a year. Good stuff.

Rachel said...

Steve, Steve, he's our man. If he can't do it no one can!
Yes, I was a professional cheerleader in another life.
PS: Becky, I'll do a pregnancy update soon. Not much to update right now, but I'll get there! :)

Zion And Missy said...

Brother Orton, I am volunteerting Zion to help you! He has tons of time, with nothing to do all day. :) And if you want to, you can come and help him cut and put up the rest of our baseboards that he never go to. It been over a year now.... Call him up! Becky, check out my blog. Got a post just for you!

thecotefamily said...


(I am a great procrastinor, so I really can't say much!)

April said...

You can do it! I know you can! The hardest part is just starting--then you won't want to stop! Way to have the "know-how!" My hubby and I wouldn't have a clue what to do! GOOD LUCK!

ChefTom said...

Someone has to stick up for the big dog, the master of the house, the protector of house and home, the servant of the public. He is getting railroaded by the love of his life and her band of bullies. Us guys have to stick together and stand up and say "It will be done, when I get it done!"

Steve Brother I got your back.

Good luck, I think you are gonna need it.... LOL

KeriLyn and Matthew said...

Yeah Steve....
You can totally do this....and just think, it will definitely earn you a spot on the blog! I am sure it will be very blog worthy....perhaps Becky could devote 2 posts to it....1) the finished product, of course and 2) the Husband of the Year award post....with just you at the center of attention!!!

What could be better....i am sure that is everyone's secret ambition in life to make it into Becky's blog sometime!!!

~ eRiN ~ said...

Let's go Steve, let's go! Woo woo! Come on, you're a big bad cop! Don't let that bathtub beat you!! =)

Papa Don said...

Hey Steve, as a school resource officer, can't you convince some of those strapping young men to help? Of course, then they'd know where you live. Might not be such a good idea. Guess you and Zion can get it done.

Anonymous said...

Dad said he would come and help him.