Friday, January 16, 2009


Tonight is sleepover night...
My mom is the guest of honor.
(it doesn't happen very often)
We've had lots of fun.
A visit is never complete without a
game of scrabble.
Add Stevie in the mix and it becomes
I couldn't resist a few pictures...
of this LADY IN PINK!
Look how cute!
She's reading: "Of Plymouth Plantation"
by William Bradford
(she's got an extra copy if you're interested)

Sharing an exciting part of the book...
(and boy are there some doozies)
Thanks for coming mom!
Come back SOON!!!


April said...

That cozy pink robe is pretty cute! There's nothing better than being comfy with a good book with people you love!!

Wiggles said...

I love this pink lady. We don't see nearly enough of her!

LL said...

FUN!!! love all the pink and her reading light.
I'm sure you enjoyed your night!

shirlgirl said...

She looks warm and comfy. Is she next to your pellet stove? The reading light is awesome. Glad she has some reading time scheduled for herself. When did she and your Dad get back from Amy's? Hope you all had fun.

ChefTom said...

This is the first time I think that I realized she actually sleeps... she always seemed to be on the go. Was she up at 4AM this morning baking?

Jo Jo said...

She's beautiful in pink! How fun for you.

Jenny said...

Tom has her pattern down, and I'll bet it's been a decade (or a few) since he's even been around her! So WAS she up at 4 making something baked and tasty for breakfast?
I call next-ies!

Mostly Stacie's Space said...

First, the stroller is a RIP OFF! It is horribly overpriced. Second, it looks like a wonderful place to be, on the couch reading a book. Glad you had a great sleep over.

Anonymous said...

I did not bake any goodies this time...corn bread the night before.
I slept 6 am I did an hour of geneaology.
I loved going to 4 basketball games...really revealing. All 3 children are on their way to being a real asset to their high school teams.
I saw Kayla make a steal that was an amazing move...shades of Becky.
Kayla fell once , but up she got and carried on even though she was hurting. Courageous...keeping a commitment to the team

I saw Stevie and Kaleb steal and then dribble it full court for a basket.
Kaleb was great under the basket.
He stole constantly. He can dribble equally with either hand.

Stevie played 2 games back to back besides 40 min warm up waiting for team mates. The second game she was tired, but eager still to do her part. She is a great shot. She will rival her mom's record.
WE'll see if I am a prophet.
Lady in Pink