Wednesday, October 1, 2008


My name is Becky.
I'm a recovering blogging addict.
I've been off now for 7 days.
I won't be recovering for too much longer.
Don't you worry.
(in case you were)
This is one addiction I don't want to kick.
Thank you and AMEN.
(ps: The temple blogging luncheon is rescheduled for November 7th. We will be doing the 10am session followed by lunch. PLEASE rsvp via my comments so we can get a count of who will be there. Remember....bring a friend)


Jenny said...

Could it be TRUE?!
Is it YOU?!
Welcome back, my dear sister.
for now.
We'll be SO happy when your computer's happy again, too!
November 7th?
I'll try. I'll try to bring a friend. How's that for noncommittal? (Can't see my calendar from this chair) Have your people call my people.

Becky said...

Jenny, you WILL come and you WILL bring a friend. The END.

ChefTom said...

Like a ray of sunshine, welcome back.

Smilin' sunshine said...

Welcome back! Are you back indefinately or is this just a tease?

November 7th is a much better date, I think I can make it. I will let you know for sure. Gotta make sure the husbad can work from home that day!

LL said...

LOVE that date...much better, thanks!
I will commit. and I'll try to bring a friend. There's this girl I like, her name is Rachael--I hope she'll be my date.

Jenny said...

I'm a little worried, actually, that we might not be so reverent as a group at the temple. Can I request sitting next to this girl that LL likes during the prayer? I'm thinking I might need to shush her.

shirlgirl said...

Does bringing a friend include your aunt even though she is not an LDS member? I know I can't go to the temple. And, November 7th is Jenny's, Amy Jo's, and Kelly's birthday!!! Glad you are back blogging. Miss you.
Love, Aunt Shirley

Christy said...

We are worried about your blogging recovery...
That day is harder for me than the other, but we'll see what I can make of it. Got a month.

Anonymous said...

click over to my blog to get your award today : )

Homeschool Mom said...

I am glad you will be able to feed your addiction! Love you cutie!


smart mama said...

oh we miss you- ps thanks for your note- only one more day!!!YAY-- I'll see if i can work something for the 7th?

Becky said...

shirlgirl - of course you are invited!

Cathy said...

Looks like you fell of the wagon before LL. (unless she's secretly sipping the DC)
Smilin' you are so smart. Maybe my husband can work from home too. Er, I mean take a day off, sick day, somthing.

shirlgirl said...

Thanks, Becky. I'll put it on my calendar. I'll call the hostess with the mostest and ask what I can do to help, since you'll all be at the temple.