Friday, October 31, 2008


I had to have more surgery Wednesday.
(continued FEMALE PLUMBING issues)
My doctor performed a D&C and hysteroscopy.
It was meant to be a same day procedure.
Turned into three days.
I reacted to the narcotics that were given to me.
I had very unsympathetic nurses.
In my anesthetic FOG, I begged and begged for
All I got was: "STOP itching, you're only making it worse!"
But I couldn't help it.
I itched and itched like mad.
My whole body looks like my nose.
(arms, belly, legs and neck)
My "same day" procedure turned into a 50 hour hospital stay.
I was dehydrated, my potassium levels were low.
It was AWFUL!
The nurses were SO callous.
Borderline abusive.
It was the worst hospital stay EVER!
They did not give me food or drink for over 48 hours.
They would ignore my call button, or just hang up on me.
I was completely reduced to tears.
I will be writing a letter...
ps: As my nurse wheeled me down to the car, she noticed that she neglected to take out my IV which was still in my right arm. She ran into a nearby bathroom, crumpled up some paper towels, ripped the IV out and threw the paper towels at me to contain the blood that was pouring out of my arm. Classy, huh?


Sargent Family said...

oh my gosh becky, i am so sorry! what hospital was this???

KeriLyn and Matthew said...

that is aweful, Becky. You should totally write a letter.

ellen said...

I thought there was only one Nurse Ratchett. You poor thing. I knew something was up when you weren't blogging. I hope Nurse Steve takes good care of you this weekend!

ChefTom said...

I would do more than write a letter. I hope you are feeling better, and hope this was the last of the ordeal for a LONG LONG time.

ps: your facelift looks great :-)

LL said...

Chef Tom-funny.
Your post today-NOT funny!
I am so sorry to hear all of this, you poor thing.
I've missed you! Welcome back.

Becky said...

the hospital was FRANKLIN - sister hospital to LRGH in Laconia. Because my surgery was urgent, my doc had me go to Franklin since they had an opening before Laconia. NEVER again. AWFUL!

Alicia said...

Wow, that is so wrong! I am sorry for you, I hope you recover soon and definitely write a letter, that is so poor!

Rachel said...

Oh Becky. I'm so sorry to hear that. Yes, write a letter and then call your local television station. Word should get out.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe all you've been through this year...and SURVIVED. I'm thinking if you were a handcart pioneer, you'd be the one with all of the ENTIRE company's cartS roped to your waist, ploughing SPEEDILY forward, calling back to everyone over your shoulder "WHAT is taking y'all so long?!!

Jenny said...

Yes, she would be that pioneer.
And she WILL be writing a letter.
And I think she should contact her local politicians right before this election, and see if they can make anything good come out of this.

Jane said...

I am so sorry!! Wow that is so not fair. I hope you do more than write a letter.

I hope this is the end for you and all of your visits to the hospital.

Schenewarks said...

We're glad you all escaped doom hospital - I'm thinking that's the scary place they always show in scary movies - you just happened upon it on Halloween eve - when they're at their best. Amy Jo

April said...

I am so so sorry you've had such a horrible experience! You have been through so much-I sure admire you! Get feeling better soon!!!

Amy M. said...

Oh My Gosh- I didn't know that still existed in the United States today. I hope you do write a letter Becky- that is neglect- where is the Love in this world?

I'm so sorry that you went through that. Not cool.

shirlgirl said...

Oh, Becky--you should never have taken that abuse. I would report those nurses PRONTO, and they should be brought up on charges. NO PATIENT, should ever have to endure what you endured--and to ignore your call button and just blow you off when you were having severe medication allergies is totally uncalled for. Please write that letter soon and send it to the CEO as well as the head of nursing with a certified receipt return. That is the most horrible horror story I have heard. These nurses don't deserve to have an RN or an LPN after their name. Keep us posted. Sorry your day surgery ended up being 3 days. Hope you are feeling better. You'd have been better off going up to Dartmouth where they know you and love you!! Love, Aunt Shirley

ChefTom said...

There is a NEW attorney in the Northborough, MA area that might be able to write a nasty-gram for you.

smart mama said...

so sorry- becky- you cannot catch a break these days- i need an email update with details- I have been worrying about you- (sorry for my AWOLness- allen was out of town and uber crazy week) I am so excited to see you friday!!!

lambie-pie said...

That is horrible. Let me know what hospital that is so I never go there!

antsann said...

Call the Hospital Administrator or Risk Management department directly in addition to sending a letter documenting the specifics. Give em h@$%!!! Hopefully, they will care enough to follow-up on the issues....but the overall quality of the hospital sounds a bit questionable. Sorry you had such a ugly ordeal. Hope you are on the mend and feeling better soon!