Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I have a confession.
It's been eating at me since 1st grade.
There was this girl, her name was B.
She had the BEST lunch in town.
I coveted her box.
I wanted them.
Every day before recess I would stay behind,
until the room was empty.
When everyone was gone...
I would scout out her lunch box.
Opening it up I would see the roll-up,
and TAKE IT!
This went on for a couple weeks.
I knew it was wrong.
I felt guilty doing it.
Day after day I deprived this girl of her fruit snack.
Until...her mother got the best of me.
She wrote a note and stuck it inside the roll-up,
then sealed it up again.
I didn't see this coming.
I stole that fruit roll-up
and snuck off to the bathroom to eat it.
Inside was the note.
It talked of how stealing was wrong.
I never took her fruit snack again.
I never told her either.
Today my burden has been lifted.
She found me on FACEBOOK.
I confessed of my crime.
She laughed and forgave me.
All is well.


LL said...

oh dear, that's GOOD!
What a SMART mom leaving that note.
so good.
thanks for the laugh

Alicia said...

You are the most awesome person I know, that is hilarious, what a good laugh you two must have had. And ditto, great thinking on the mom's part.

ellen said...

Betsy in the Booth (confession booth, that is)!

Jenny said...

Oh, yes. The fruit roll-up. I remember that story... glad your burden has been lifted. You must feel 10 pounds lighter!

Becky said...

I promised to send her a couple boxes - do they even MAKE those anymore???

ChefTom said...

My son takes fruit roll-ups in his lunch... STAY AWAY from his lunch. Somehow his shoelaces are disappearing... he has no clue where they are going, he just comes home without. Maybe I could tie a note to the laces...

Great story, good to know that you haven't been perfect your whole life.

Sargent Family said...

very strange...i was just thinking about fruit roll ups last night and wondering the same thing. i always enjoyed peeling out the shapes (I feel like they were usually of trucks and motorcycles?) I wonder, too, if they still make fruit by the foot, another childhood favorite:)

Sargent Family said...


so there ya go!
man, look at the ingredients in these things...be thankful your mom didn't give you any!!

ChefTom said...

I was thinking on the way into work today, that I remember BEFORE fruit roll-ups, how old do I feel now.

Eva said...

Thanks for writing this! We have all done little things like this, and it is nice to see that we all turned out okay! And I told you that Facebook would be good for something!

April said...

That was hilarious! Thanks for cracking me up!

ChefTom said...

Hope you are home and feeling better after your tune-up.

Jane said...

that was great! Love the story. I got a call a couple of weeks ago from my dd's teacher. She had been taking things from another girls lunch. I guess she thought she had way better lunches than the one we packed for her. Glad to see that it all worked out in the end for you.

Schenewarks said...

Good for you. Waiting to hear what happened! Amy Jo

shirlgirl said...

The truth comes out after all these years--WOW!! When I was a sophomore in high school, we used to cook the lunch that was served in the lunch room. I had the last two periods of cooking class before lunch. They were having roast pork on this particular day. Across from the cooking room was a butler's pantry. I was bringing the cooked roast to the cafeteria and snitched the nice crusty end of the pork and hid it in the butler's pantry. When I came back from the cafeteria, I went into the pantry, took the end of the pork and ate it. Never confessed, loved the pork, and will never forget what I did--I thought it was very ingenious. Roast pork anyone?

ChefTom said...

Shirley, You weren't snitching the pork, you were "Quality Testing" and that is allowed, we do it ALL the time in the kitchen for the safety and satisfaction of our guests.

Jenny said...

Tom, I'm so glad you're around! I have a treat for you... stay tuned!