Thursday, October 23, 2008


Today I was reading from this blog.
(she's funny, you won't be sorry:))
This is what it said:
In 1898 American Girls and Women were applauded for embracing sports such as bicycling and swimming.They were cautioned, that exercise does not mean they
"should don a garment so scant as to leave limbs exposed!"
My mom (Prisciller) would be PROUD!
Apparently I didn't get the MEMO!


ChefTom said...

Those are some rugged women basketball players ~~ look's like a rugby team.

LL said...

I hope that isn't you exposing your limbs in that photo...
shame shame.
And I LOVE that you call your mom Prisciller. Does she appreciate it?
I'm looking forward to having lunch with the first lady next month.
p.s. thanks for the blog plug, i'll pay you later ;)

Becky said...

ll: course that's ME! your post didn't mention anything about exposing 'trunks' now, did it? told you she'd be proud! :)

Christy said...

All I have to say is serious splinter damage!

Jenny said...

Oh! Miss Becky, you are embarassing me! Couldn't you at least DRAW some clothes on that body?! Oh my.

Adam and Anya said...

I hope you didn't get any splinters doing that!

Schenewarks said...

Loved that fort! Don't remember that picture! The pic is making me cold! Amy Jo