Friday, October 31, 2008


Every year my children dressed alike.
It was tradition.
They played along, not always so willingly.
Poor Ben wasn't really into THIS look.
It's not easy being green...
(atleast that's what Ben's sayin')
This was a good year for
The Mummies!
The mommy spent lots of hours
wrapping and unwrapping.
It was loads of fun.
Just look at Kayla's face.
She can hardly contain herself.
2005 was FANTASTIC!
We brought cinnamon rolls around to our teachers.
Ben was totally digging the mustache.
It's a good look.
Karate Kids
Okay, so this was a REALLY lame year.
We were in the hospital with Ben.
Barely got home in time to trick or treat.
Threw on some karate outfits and hit the streets.
Whatever, it worked.
The BIG Finale!
Storm Trooper, Yoda, Princess Leia and Padme
I told my kids
(no more costumes from me)
This year (2008) my child did just that.
She FENDED for herself.
She's what we like to call
(who's laughing with me?)
Stevie wins the prize.
Kayla and Kaleb are TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL.
Ben went to be a pumpkin in someone else's patch.

Watch OUT! She's contagious...


troutdalites said...

Fend For Yourself (or FFY) as it is affectionately called at our house is code on our menu for Mom's not cooking, it's a DIY dinner.

Love Stevie as MOLD!!

ChefTom said...

Holy Moldy!!! Mold, Mold, Mold Moooooold!!!

It's a good thing on expensive cheese, not so good on bread. So let's say Stevie is cheesy.

LL said...

what a CLOWN. she is one of a kind, i love it!

Christy said...

Too cool for school can be really scary....
not like your sweet little greenie girl! Did she mime for her candy?

LL said...

um HI, it's me AGAIN.
I FAILED to mention the FABULOUS costumes from the years gone by.
LOVE that you have a theme. SO, cute. And I love that Ben goes along with it, even though he thinks it's lame!
(he told me) :)
Just makes me laugh that he's not thrilled in the pictures.
Happy Haunting to Mold and the rest of the FUN-GUY's!

Jenny said...

Um, Miss Mold, did you leak onto your sweet stash? 'cuz I have a thing about mold. On my food, that is. If it's CUTE mold, like you? You are welcome!!
LOVE the costume!

Amy said...

oh i am so glad you posted the years past pictures. your kids are so cute. I love all the matching and got a good laugh at the "mold". love it!!

Jane said...

Those are the best costumes! I am a DIY mom usually for Halloween. I wish I was more cool, and did fun things but Halloween has never been one of my favorites.

Cindi said...

As I began reading this post, I knew that it was leading to no more matching costumes, and I must tell you, I was dissapointed...but THEN, I saw STEVIE and hesr costume was the BEST EVER!!! She definitely gets her creativity from her mother! Cutest mold I've ever met!!!

Schenewarks said...

Way to go out with a bang! Send moldy on over - love the no lip look. Amy Jo

KeriLyn and Matthew said... clever, love it! That Amy, must be my sister :)!!! I agree with her....i love the past years themed costumes!!!

April said...

I loved looking at all your family Halloween pictures! You are so creative! I love MOLD!! Hilarious!!

The Mormon Monk said...


Ok--sorry, I should be a more regular reader. I've finally fixed my blog page, which is the only way I ever know that you've updated. (I have caught up on back posts, if that makes you feel better.) More importantly--I'm seriously outraged on your behalf. I'd talk to newly minted lawyer brother Aaron about filing suit against the hospital. That's ridiculous--especially if you've got pictures and documentation of the things you went through. Love you!