Monday, January 24, 2011


Kaleb played in his first indoor soccer game the other night.  I was out partying so I missed it.  Thank goodness for friends with cell phones that kept me updated on the game with pictures and scores via texts.  He scored the first goal for his team.  I love that my kids are being immersed in sports.  Even better?  His team was sponsored so we only paid for his shirt.  AWESOME!
Steve cleaned his room Saturday night while I was out partying.  He threw some pennies onto Stevie's bed as a gift.  We woke her up Sunday morning for church and learned that she never took the pennies out of her bed and by morning they were embedded into her shin.  Crazy girl.
 Today -18 degrees and FRIGID!  Someday I'll be rich enough to have heat in my car again.  In the meantime, I'll just dress the part and smile and cheerily call to my children to
as I drop them off at school each morning.
(cuz they totally love when I do that)


Junior said...

Way to go Kaleb.
Yikes you guys have really cold weather, its barely cold enough for a jacket here.

Smilin' sunshine said...

Yikes! I only saw -10 during seminary and I have heat in my least you LOOK warm all bundled up!

Jo Jo said...

Add some foggy breath to that picture!

ellen said...

I thought he was playing b-ball the other night!

shirlgirl said...

Way to go, Kaleb. Oh, Stevie is so funny, and still no heat in your car? Brrrrrrr!! Glad you can smile about it. And, the car STARTS!That is amazing in th is frigid weather. Do you need a new thermostat? I had to get a new radiator and thermostat when Uncle David was in the hospital back in October. My car is heading for the 200,000 mile mark. It turned 199,000 the other day.