Sunday, January 9, 2011


Literally. :)
 Last night was Kaleb's first Court of Honor in a few years.  He had a lot of awards coming to him.  He made Tenderfoot the last time he was recognized.  Tonight he was recognized for Second class, First class and the new rank of Star, along with a bunch of other merit badges that he received.
(now we can start filling up his practically empty sash)
Kaleb is Patrol Leader and so he led the boys in the Pledge of Allegiance, the Scout Oath and Law.
Because the mother is recognized with advancements, Steve took over camera duty.  Unfortunately, this is the only picture that was decent.  All the ones of Kaleb pinning me came out really blurry.
Kaleb's goal is to be done with the rank of LIFE by April and then we can move forward on his Eagle.
A little post Court of Honor dancing.


The Kings said...

hahahahaha!!! Oh man I'm cracking up at the dance at the end. Steve cracks me up! Congrats Kaleb!

LL said...

and you guys don't even drink!
imagine if you did :-)
You guys are FUN! Go Boy Scout!!!!

Jennifer, Lucas, Nicole, Hunter said...

hahahahaha LOVE the dancing video, totally made my day! Congrats Kaleb!!

April said...

Way to go Kaleb! HOORAY! Loving the MOOOOVES! GO Steve!

Adam and Anya said...

Could Kaleb get any merit badges for dancing with his parents??

Loved it! Love you guys!

p.s.- Is that snow I see??

Jo Jo said...

No coat Kaleb did good. It's about time!

Alana said...

Congrats Kaleb! It looks like the kid next to him hasn't gotten a new scout shirt since last time's meeting.

troutdalite said...

Hooray for Kaleb. Having been down the Eagle path with three, SO great to get there before they are older teens!

shirlgirl said...

Congratulations, Kaleb, and loved the dance video, too! Always fun to read your blogs.

Amy said...

you all are too funny. love the dancing and congrats Kaleb!!!