Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I love that game.  I love it even more when playing with HER!  She had us laughing the whole night, with her definitions and her guesses.  She's a super great time.  Here are some of her 'made up' definitions below.
Would you guess that a Zygal is the scientific term for a bad hair day? Or that Rowell is the word used for runaway roosters?  How about Moniac, a new type of car made of cardboard and duct tape.
Now if you'd please excuse me...I'm off and running (literally) in my Moniac to purchase some hair product because chasing the Rowells all night, led to a bad case of  Zygal this morning.
Any guesses as to the REAL definitions to these three words?
(no cheating)


The Kings said...

hahaha!! That's a great game.

April said...

Love those definitions! AWESOME! :)

Jenny said...

Next thing you know, it'll be Orton's instead of Webster's, she's got such mad definition skillz!

The Mormon Monk said...

Moniac: someone who is obsessively single-minded.

(No, I haven't looked yet)

The Mormon Monk said...

Zygal: Of, or having to do with zygotes.

LL said...

why must you people play smart games? What ever happened to UNO and twister?

Jo Jo said...

That's one of my favorite games! Challenge has been issued for next time