Monday, January 10, 2011


I went to Stevie's game this afternoon.  It was a nail biter!  They lost by one point with 17 seconds left in the game.  But she played tough and came away with 1/3 of the points in the game as one of the youngest players on her team.
(look closely at the poster board behind Stevie in the picture below...)
 I noticed as I was doing the books for her game today that she has quite the following.
A MALE population following.
(can't say I blame them)
As for the animal on her sign?
It's a Mexican boar with a sombrero, aka....BORTON.


Jenny said...

is that a PICTURE of a borton?

are they related to Dr. Seuss?


Sarah said...

Alright Stevie!

shirlgirl said...

That's quite a picture. I'll ask the same question as Jenny.

April said...

Orton the Borton! LAUGHING!! Who wouldn't want to be a Stevie fan!? :)

The Kings said...

Oh Stevie - quite the male killer hey!!! :)

Smilin' sunshine said...

Way to go Stevie!!!

My first thought after seeing the poster was you were a fun mom, taking a poster to the game!!! You still are a fun mom, but boys making the poster??!! Nice!!!

LL said...

Borton. Better that a Horton! Hortons hear whos's.

Jo Jo said...

Funny! It's fun to see the side you never get to see.

Alana said...

You always said she'd be the one to watch out for, yikes! I love the volleyball pads, nice touch.