Tuesday, November 24, 2009


That our Thanksgiving dinner is done.
I'm especially thankful for THIS pie.
It's my favorite.
AND it happened to be the winner
of the pie contest last night.
(it's a family tradition)
10 pies in all.
And ALL were yummy.
I'm also thankful for good friends
to share dinner with.
Thursday we will be home.
It will be a quiet family day.
I'm looking forward to it.
Oh, and by the way...
While YOU are eating turkey,
WE will be eating tacos.
(per Kayla's request)


The Mormon Monk said...

Today I'm ... Thankful ... that my sister is a nutjob and provides me with quality laughs. Who eats Thanksgiving dinner on the Monday before? Too funny. And tacos on turkey-day? Someone's feeling their hispanic roots...but I'm not sure who up there is eligible.

Becky said...

Hispanic roots? That would be Estafan. He's my white, Mexican lover. ;)

April said...

YUMM!! Dinner sounds delicious! That pie looks heavenly! I'm glad you had a wonderful day! Tacos on Thursday will be WORTH it! ;)

shirlgirl said...

How come you had Thanksgiving on Monday? Did you have lots of company? Glad everything was yummy. We're going to Northboro on Thursday. Uncle D is feeling pretty good and maintaining his weight between 183-185. I'm thankful for that and thankful that tonight he is going to his woodturners' group meeting. The first time since August--I am grateful that he wants to do this tonight. Enjoy your tacos on turkey day!!

Jenny said...

you're just wierd.
tell estefan his eseester en law esays helloooooo.

Michelle said...

So what is the recipe for this famous pie and what is it called????

LL said...

Your white mexican lover...I'm LAUGHING!!!
Enjoy your tacos, that sounds yummy to me.

Jo Jo said...

You sooo knew that pie would win. You're a good cook. Enjoy your leftovers.

Gilbert Family said...

Is that pie recipe something that could be shared, perhaps??