Saturday, November 14, 2009


That I don't have THIS anymore.
It's been with me for two years.
Remember when I asked for your help?
I tried lots and lots of remedies.
None seemed to work.
I have been the recipient of MANY jokes.
"Warts up Becky?"
"Warts happening?"
" that a 6th finger?"
I know...funny. (not)
Today I went to see my surgeon.
It was a follow-up to my thyroid surgery.
Everything is great, my scar is even better.
While I was there,
I reminded my dear surgeon that 18 months ago,
when he put my chest tube in for my pneumothorax...
he promised that he would get rid of it for me.
So today he did.
He numbed that puppy right up and sliced it off.
Goodbye annoying growth...
Hello normal looking hand.
Cool, huh?


ellen said...

Did I ever tell you my wart story?! Hooray for MINOR surgery. :)

LL said...

you just can't get enough. You go in for a check up and ask them to cut into your body more :)
Wart be gone....I'm just surprised the duct tape didn't work!?

Becky said...

It didn't work only because I couldn't keep the tape on. It was a weird angle on my thumb and plus I'm constantly washing my hands. Can't tell you how happy I am that it's GONE!

Jo Jo said...

I wonder if cutting it off will prevent it from growing back?

Smilin' sunshine said...


shirlgirl said...

Hopefully he got the roots out as well. If not, you might see it popping up again. I ask the same question as Amy Jo. Glad everything else went fine.

April said...

HOORAY!! You are a wartless lady! Congrats (ps. I'd still love you even with your wart)

Jenny said...

wart the heck?
A little graphic in that last shot...