Tuesday, November 17, 2009


For THIS facility,
and ALL who work in it.
We love the staff...
they've been like family to us.
They've even been to our HOME!
VIP treatment...
that's how they roll!
The Children's Hospital at Dartmouth
has been an enormous blessing
to our family.
We will forever be grateful for the
compassion and love shown to us,
each time we land on their doorstep.
Thank you Dartmouth friends,
for always being there...
when we need you most.
The Orton Family


The Mormon Monk said...

Hey, Beck--so I just took a close look at the picture you've got at the top for the first time...RUDE! Kayla's petting a pug, Bubby's petting a pug, Stevie's petting a p---BENJI! Muy funny. But I have a feeling Benji's gonna get you back for that one.

shirlgirl said...

Yes, you have much to be thankful for the hospital who has taken such good care of Ben and you.
I'm thankful for my angels from Holderness, NH who fixed up and painted the entire apartment on our first floor so it will be ready for any new tenant, which I hope I get soon. I still have floors to wash and wax, but that's o.k. and one window as I've done all the others.

April said...

I'm so glad that you have you have such a wonderful hospital family. I know that you have touched them with your tremendous example and love!

LL said...

Ben is like a ROCK STAR with his "band" and his groupies!
I'm proud to be one of them!!!
Glad he's so well taken care of.

Jo Jo said...

Love that place as well. So glad they're so good to you and the gang.