Friday, November 20, 2009


For the game of basketball
and the fact that I get to PLAY it.
Last night was my first night back.
(in a long time)
Felt great.
I play with a bunch of guys. Some of them have a hard time getting out of the house to come play, because they've worked all day and their wives don't want them to go. Steve likes to tease them by saying, "well...if you were smart like me, you would have married a ball player."
(you see because I don't give him a hard time about going)
It's our DATE NIGHT.
And we have FUN!
(aside from rubbing shoulders with stinky, sweaty, hairy men)


LL said...

that first shot of you is PERFECT!
You look like you're about to do something tricky!

Smilin' sunshine said...

Every time I see a picture of you I think, man your hair grows fast!! It is long again!

Steve is a lucky man to have you for a wife!

Jenny said...

You're a cute bball player!
I want your mad hoop skillz.

Mostly Stacie's Space said...

LOL, What a great way to spend a date night!

April said...

HOORAY!!! You've got your game on!!! How fun to have a sporty date night!

The Mormon Monk said...


I LOVE that first picture of you. It should be blown up and framed. As for rubbing against a sweaty, hairy man...are you saying that's a bad way for date night to end?

Christy said...

Those are the best dates! Sounds like fun to me. We just got a hoop for the house and though I stink at it, I still throw a bit everyday now. Feels Great!
Glad you can get out.. (you won right??)

Jo Jo said...

Yeah! May, June, July, August, September,'s been a long, hard haul. Good for you. I'm weepy.

shirlgirl said...

You look great on the court and glad you are up to the hoops. Good for you.