Wednesday, November 18, 2009


For funny MEMORIES.
See this picture above?
It's from our Disney trip.
We were riding the MUMMY Ride.
It was a little frightful.
Check out my three in the front.
They were quite afraid.
Check out my husband!
(in red)
LOOK at his face.
He swears he wasn't scared.
I have photogenic proof.
It makes me laugh.
Just to prove himself...
check out this next picture:
It makes me laugh even more.
He didn't want his "man card"
and felt the need to show me...
that he wasn't afraid.
Then we went on THIS ride:

And here's where it gets funnier.
He claims that I was afraid.
I told him it was "water" in my face.
He held his ground.
So did I.
We're competitive that way.
Just to prove him wrong...
we went back to THIS ride:

I didn't want MY card revoked!
Good times.


Smilin' sunshine said...

You guys are funny!

The Mormon Monk said...

Don't worry, Beck--Ain't nobody gonna take YOUR man card away. The next time Steve threatens you, just tell him you'll settle things on the court...and remind him of how that turned out for your twin all those years ago.

April said...

Thanks for the LAUGH this morning! HILARIOUS!!!!

Aaron H. said...

you both should have your card revoked.

Isaiah'sMom said...

Hahahaha! I'm thankful that you share glimpses of your life with us. I nominated you for a Lemonade Award ;)

Jo Jo said...

Your kids look sooo small! You guys are a coaster family

Diane said...

Ha! can you crop around steves face in the first pic and enlarge it?;-)

LL said...

You're so FUNNY!!! these pictures are great.

shirlgirl said...

Great pictures, and I can't believe how young the children are in this picture and to see them today--it is amazing. Lots of nice memories at Disney for you. Even the extra days because of the snow in the Northeast!!

Alana said...

You are very photogenic Beck, even when riding scary rides. Must be the smile.