Sunday, November 1, 2009


It's been awhile since I've posted.
Lemme' esplain!
Stevie spent the evening in the ER.
She's had high fevers
AND "crushing stomach pain".
(her words)
She has the FLU.
She's looked like THIS for 3 straight days.
High fevers - 103 ish,
chesty coughs,
and snotty nose...
I'm guessing SWINE.

I's flattering.

This is post-sugery 7 days.
Still having tenderness at the site.
As if THIS isn't exciting enough?
I got to have the STOMACH FLU too!
Totally FUN!
It was 3 solid days of bonding with my toilet.

Steve told me he's moving into his closet.
AND he's shutting the door.
HE thinks if HE tries HARD enough...
that HE'LL exhibit signs of illness
so HE won't have to go to school.
(keep trying Kaleb)
And THIS poor chap?
We've evacuated HIM to higher ground.
He's staying with B.B. until the storm is over.


Mostly Stacie's Space said...

Hope you all start feeling better soon. :) Love ya

April said...

I am so sorry you are feeling so rotten... I hope you're all on the mend SOON!!!

rpcote2 said...

Sorry for all the sickness...let's hope Ben keeps doing "swimmingly"!

Smilin' sunshine said...

I think I would be with Steve! Is he just so tough that he never gets any of this stuff?

LL said...

Tell Steve it's probably not safe to come out of the closet yet! :)
You guys MUST get better, these pics of the sick kids are sad!

Rachael said...

HaHa LL--I've always had my suspicions about Steve...

Get better soon so we can come for a visit!

Jenny said...

LL and Rach--
You're killing me!
Steve: STAY in the closet. Coming out would mean revoking your man card.

Jo Jo said...

Poor Stevie! Sorry everyone is sooo sick! Keep Ben away! Until all those flood waters recede and the dove brings back a piece of tree.

KeriLyn and Matthew said...

sorry you have been sick....right now, i think i am glad i am all the way across country from you guys....there are many times i read your blog, and wish we could live near each just have a lot to teach me....but, this is one post, i am glad i am here :)....get better soon!

Amy M. said...

You all NEED to feel better soon. It will happen- just hold on.

shirlgirl said...

Oh, so sorry that everyone is sick. I was wondering where you've been. I can't blame Steve for wanting to "run away" to a safer place. Hope he stays well. Hope you all get better soon, and yes, Ben is better off being with B.B. until your house is clear of all bugs. Hope you all feel better soon. Sending lots of love your way.

Erin said...

Much love to you and your crazy family. We haven't been hit yet. Ben looks awesome in the flippers.