Sunday, March 29, 2009


This boy is TIRED!
That's what happens when you go on road trips at midnight. Dr. Filiano sent Ben for a CAT scan last night due to some seizure activity the last couple of days. It was quite the process as he is hooked up to a vent, oxygen, a monitor, feeding pump, etc. I'll find out later today what they saw. He has been peeing a lot too. They can't seem to figure out why. All of his labs look normal. They always chalk stuff like that up to his neurological issues. The good news is that they went down just a smidge on his PEEP settings. (on the vent) It's a step in the right direction. His x-ray looked good on those settings as of last night. I'm sure if it continues to look good, Dr. Filiano will continue to wean him down.


Joy said...

Hope that you get some rest Benny boy!

Jo Jo said...

Yeah! He's making me chilly look at him without a shirt!

April said...

Bit by bit--- get better better better!!

Jenny said...

Go go go!
Rah rah rah!