Sunday, March 22, 2009


This is Aunt Suzanne.
(Steve's sister)
She loves her little nephew.

She always brings him cute friends.

She got to see Ben getting
his "Vest Therapy".
Ben seemed extra brave.
He didn't want to worry his Aunt.
We feel SO blessed to have
so many people who love us
visit often. Many of the nurses
here have said: "For someone
who lives as far away as you do...
you sure are inudated with visitors."
We ARE so lucky. Thank you Aunt S.


Joy said...

Cause you are both so loved!

April said...

You are loved by so many! We all can't get enough of the two of you! It doesn't surprise me one bit that you have lots of company!

shirlgirl said...

You are blessed and loved bunches! The thing that is so awesome is that there is family there for you as well as friends so you are not alone. We just wish you could get home real soon. We love you and miss you and hope that Ben will soon turn the corner.

Jo Jo said...

It's so great Ben has an aunt Suzanne. We all need one of those! Thanks for helping him while he's there.

Anonymous said...

Even though it is a serious time; it is a party..."man is that he might have joy." Besides the party you have Joy there in Utah.
love mom

Jenny said...

Hi Suzanne!