Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Today was our departure date.
We were scheduled to head back to NH.
Instead we are at Primary Children's Hospital in SLC.
Ben has pneumonia.
We'll be here for a couple of days.
I'll be updating Ben's blog tomorrow.
(click his picture on my sidebar for his site)
It looks like this might be a quick stay...
Hopefully we'll be heading home soon.
As most of you know,
Life is NEVER dull with Ben. :)
I'll be in touch!


Wiggles said...

Oh Becky, I'm so sorry that Ben is sick. At least you are at a good hospital and there are folks out there to keep an eye on you. My prayers are with the both of you. Love you

Ally said...

Call me Becky if you need ANYTHING! 801-870-5276. I am only 45 minutes from there.

Jo Jo said...

You're in great care. Hug Ben for me!

Rachel said...

Sorry to hear that. I hope he recovers quickly and that you can both return home soon.

nanci said...

Ben - get well soon. Becky - keep smiling. I'll be praying that all is well soon and you'll be able to return home to the rest of your family.