Friday, March 27, 2009


Making his "Singing Debut",
I present to you:
Benjamin Orton
(I credit all vocals to his dad)
Enjoy! :)
(bonus points if you can 'name that tune')


Ashlee said...

So fun! Thanks for sharing his talent. :0)

Joy said...

Very cute. Hearing him make my kids day! They love their cousin Ben. I would say he looks for much more content then the last time I say him. Hope he is doing better.

April said...

Oh, I loved that SO much! What an angel! His voice is heavenly!

Ally said...

That is really cute Becky! I guess, Jingle Bells!

Adam and Anya said...

I LOVED this! It really REALLY made my day!! What a treasure he is.


Thank you for posting this video, I know for sure he is singing I am a Child of God, and he is singing in spanish, I love it. We love you very much!!

Jenny said...

Do you love me?
(do you love me)
Do you love me?
(do you love me)

Uncle Roger thinks he's an up and coming vocalist.

I think you're making him perform too hard. He sounded hoarse there at the end!


shirlgirl said...

This is the first time I've ever heard sounds from him. He's really rolling his eyes--was there a cute nurse nearby? Hope he's doing a little better. Love you bunches.

Cindi said...

He gets my vote!!!

LL said...

love him! he has THE best eyes!!!
if I buy him a RED U hat next week, will he wear it for me? :)
so fun to see video of him! It's been so long since I've seen him!
Glad you're home!!!!

Stevie said...

I'm guessing he is singing: "Here Comes the Bride". Love, Stevie

Anonymous said...

Cock a doodle doo is his song.
He's looking forward to Grampy's chickens.

Zion And Missy said...

Aiden is next to me singing with Ben. He is boppin' to his singing and the beep. :) Now is he asking for more. We hope to see you guys soon! Welcome back!

Sojourner said...

My guess is the song of the mourning doves prelevant around these parts.