Friday, March 20, 2009


This is April. She understands what it's like to
have a child in the PICU.
She can't visit us much
because her son isn't portable.

But she makes sure that Ben
knows he is loved.

Whether in person
or through a cheery gift.
She was able to come up
a few nights ago.
To bring Ben an early birthday gift.
(Ben told me to put the ribbon
on his head, I promise.)
He got his very first BYU apparel!
Hat and all. :)
Thankyou sweet April,
for your love and friendship.
(and thank you for uploading these pictures for me)


April said...

Aw, I truly don't deserve such a sweet tribute-- it is my honor to know and LOVE you both. I LOVE YOU!

shirlgirl said...

Becky, April is a sweetheart!! How very thoughtful of her, and it looks like Ben is enjoying all the attention from April. Caleb might get jealous! You are so blessed to have someone like April in your life to help you get over the rough times while you are waiting to come home with Ben. We hope it will be soon. We miss you and love you. Aunt Shirley and Uncle David

Jenny said...

Awww.... I almost feel jealous! Except I know what a rockin' good friend April is.

Jo Jo said...

We definitely need more bow pictures!

Zion And Missy said...

I am sure it is comforting to have frieds and family nearby with you. You and Ben are in our prayers. If we can do anything for you from here, let me know. We pray Ben is doing better and hope to you see guys soon.

Joy said...

Aren't friends GREAT!

Wiggles said...

What a special friend you have in April. Thanks April for taking such good care of our angels. Ben and Becky we miss you and hope you are headed home soon.

smart mama said...

hey- we MISS YOU- sending lots of lovee to you and Ben hope you get home soon. Friends make life sweet!