Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Benjamin has a new best friend.
His name is Caleb.
He is a great sharer.
When Ben's lips turned blue
at their playdate,
Caleb let Ben use some of his oxygen.
Now that's a TRUE friend.
We are grateful to Caleb
(and his sweet mommy)
for helping us through
our little emergency.
There aren't many 'friends'
that can accomodate Ben
like Caleb could.
These boys are kindred spirits,
two peas in a pod.

Thank you dear Caleb...
for sharing your "O's"!
(and your nebulizer, and your chair, and your blankets, and your mommy, and your home, and most of all YOU!)


Jo Jo said...

Okay, that was a lot of sharing! Glad they were there to help.

April said...

Oh that was so sweet! You've shared more with us than you'll ever know....we love you!

Adam and Anya said...

Now THAT'S a FRIEND!! Loved this!

Anonymous said...

Caleb is so handsome.
They both (Ben and Caleb glow)

~ eRiN ~ said...

Oh he's so cute! And Ben looks so big! He's getting so tall. I hope you are both doing well and that you can come home soon. We all miss you!