Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Me? No, no, NO!
Thanks, but I wasn't talking about me.
I was talking about our chances.
The chances of being out before
(shhhhh.....I must be quiet when I tell you this)
Ben's birthday.
He'll be 7 on Saturday.
(just don't tell him)
He LOVES to be here for his birthday.
We'd rather celebrate at home.
No offense to the PICU.
To compromise, I told his nurses and doctors
we'll celebrate HERE on Thursday
with some CARROT CAKE!
Then we can celebrate his REAL birthday at home.
His update is that he is on a rate of 5, peep of 6.
(I know...means nothing to most people, just know it's good news)
They will continue to wean him down.
Everything else is holding steady.
Let the countdown begin!


ellen said...

Good news!!

KeriLyn and Matthew said...

crossing my fingers.....no, better yet....pray for you that he can celbrate at home!!!

shirlgirl said...

That is such great news! Keep up the good work, Benji. And, don't eat all the carrot cake on Thursday. You have to save some for the doctors and nurses.

Smilin' sunshine said...


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Ben. I hope you get home soon. You look wiped out.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Ben. I hope you go home soon. You look wiped out.


Homeschool Mom said...

Good job Ben! You are a miracle in every way!


Jenny said...

I'd like to know who his esthetist is. Because I want some of that supple looking skin!
Lookin' good.

Jo Jo said...

Yeah! High five for nurse Stevie!

April said...

I just read the not so good news post before I read this one.... I know he'll wean down some more- I just know it- even if it takes a few more days! He can do it!!!