Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Today is a Dartmouth day.
Kaleb and Ben have appointments.
It's a long drive...really, really long drive.
I could drive it in my sleep.
Today I was doing just that - almost.
I wasn't paying attention to my speed.
I was going a little fast. (oops)
Happened to pass a cop at that moment.
I pulled over before he even turned around.
Bad day to get caught.
No license .
My car is uninspected.
He asked for my license and registration.
I told him I didn't have it on me.
He took my registration and left.
Minutes later he was back at my window.
Apparently my license wasn't coming up.
I informed him that Steve was a cop.
He could call him to verify me.
The trooper then proceeded to tell me that
next time I'm pulled over could I PLEASE
let it be known that I am a cop's wife?
Because HE doesn't give tickets to the wives.
It's a perk of Steve's job.
I've been let off more than I care to tell you.
The problem?
I can NEVER bring myself to announce that fact.
The fact that I am a cop's wife.
I think it's LAME.
But I'm always happy when they figure it out.
Because then they tip their hat...
and tell me to
(do YOU have any perks of the job?)


LL said...

NICE! I'm going to try that next time I get pulled over. Do you they'll believe me?
Job perks??? I guess I did get a fancy night out last week...but I feel like my own job has perks. Haircuts are a must.
Now slow down lead foot :) for your own safety...cuz we love you.

Mostly Stacie's Space said...

That is a great perk. Marc could have used that one the other day. But even though he got the ticket the guy was nice and didn't add the excessive part. :) Love ya Stacie

Rachel said...

Oh that just plain rocks! Man, if I were a cop, I could have saved A LOT of money in my husband's speeding tickets. Nice work. And you should announce it - you were the one smart enough to marry the guy! :)

shirlgirl said...

Oops!! I think lead feet run in the family. Uncle D drives faster than I would like him to, and I am always telling him to please SLOW DOWN!! I remember a story that your Dad told about being stopped for speeding. He did not tell the officer that he was a police chief and took his ticket. He didn't want to set an example. Hmmmmm!!!
Please remember to take your license with you and get that car inspected. There might not be a nice officer the next time. Hope all went well for Ben and Kaleb at Dartmouth. Thank you for your nice reading yesterday. You did a great job. Love, Aunt Shirley

The Monson Family said...


Check out my blog! Rachael helped me update it! So there! HA!


Smilin' sunshine said...

It is always nice to have perks! Has probably saved you a lot of money!

Slow down, you have precious cargo!

Eva said...

Does your dad know he let you off? I remember him telling his officers to ticket his kids that got caught! I guess that's why we marry the men we do - they remind us of our dad's but only better in some ways!

ChefTom said...

The biggest perk of my job is I can eat anything that hits the floor...

You are a lot like your mom and dad, I remember a Chinese fire drill on the way to Super Saturday, where your dad was asked to leave the Mass Pike. I also remember your mom being pulled over for a tail-light being out on the van and she pointed out that the patrol car had a marker light out and she got off with a warning.

Jenn said...

That is a great perk. I know that drive and it's way to easy to speed without noticing on that empty, empty road!
Our perks? None for Malcolm's regular job, but as he works for Ryan's company part time, Ryan did put in our phone line for free when we moved saying "We don't bill MacLeod."

Jenny said...

Umm... yes. I get to pick my own socks out of the laundry before the rest hit the sock basket. (Then my kids come and steal them from my drawers).

Cindi said...

My job has no "real benefits"--no insurance, retirement, etc, but I get REAL benefits--I get to be "Gramma" to about 100 preschoolers and their siblings every year! Doesn't get much better than hugs and kisses! 24 years of songs and love! How's THAT for perks???

Christy said...

WoW So great! My poor husband could use a cop in the family! He never ever gets let off.
Still, did Steve razz you about speeding..BREAKING THE LAW...

Schenewarks said...

Naughty, yes please slow down. Life is already too short - and we need you!

April said...

So Becky, Do you know what a sweet heart you are? Your comments and caring heart toward my little family have been such a blessing to me! Thank you so much! Thanks for understanding our life with Caleb- and for being a kindred friend! We really will have to meet up the next time you're in my neck of the woods!

cmf said...

Brian works for Johnson and Johnson so we get a pretty good deal on Band Aids and Tylenol!!! :-)

Adam and Anya said...

Adam works for his father's general contracting business. He's also a master electrician, so I get the perks of having everything fixed in our house. Still, though, a freebee for a speeding ticket? Can't beat that!!

We have SO much photo radar in Arizona...it's hard to speed down any street without getting caught.