Monday, November 24, 2008


Last night I was tucking Kaleb into bed.
We always have interesting conversations.
It went a little something like this...
Kaleb: mom
Me: yes?
Kaleb: no offense but I don't really like YOUR days.
Me: huh???
Kaleb: I mean how you looked.
Me: what?
Kaleb: you know....the jeans...
the ones that go up to your belly button?
The really big belts and
big baggy shirts you tucked in?
Me: um...son?
Kaleb: ya?
Me: you are sorely mistaken.
Those weren't MY days...
Those were your DAD'S days.
This is me in 1991.
I look awesome with
my BIG hair bow.
This is Steve in 1988.
Nice mullet, dude.
The sweater? Rock on!
C'mon...serious difference here.
SO glad I didn't live through THOSE days.


LL said...

i'm LAUGHING. those were SO your're GLORY days. Lovely bow curly locks. And yeah, Steve's sweater was nice, the mullet was a nice touch, but his dates decorative hose were PERFECT!

Jenny said...

Oh, let's not even go down this road... you are cracking me up! You KNOW, that as the older sister, I could add to Kaleb's vision of "your" days. But you know what? I look back at 'those days' and cringe myself. I'm not too fond of them, either. The dorky 80s. I vote for folding that decade right into a nice sealed crease between the 70s and 90s. Who would miss them?

Cathy said...

Sorry, I got distracted by her legs too. Is that the 80's version of fish net stockings? Anyway, stay on target. Yes, I'm glad we don't have 80 styles either. The other day I put on my old glasses and my 7 year old kept looking at me funny and finally asked what was on my face. They weren't even big glasses (you know, didn't extend below my cheek bones)

barryblog said...

That is AWESOME!! I remember the big hair and flourescent clothes. Fun times!! We had an 80's Bday for Brian's 30th. He wore a nice mullit wig, but I think your man has a much better, more realistic version;) hehe

KeriLyn and Matthew said...

HAHAHA!!! That is funny....I am not sure that Jessica even know what my days looked like....maybe I won't tell....but.....I have to admit, I sort of miss the big bow days!!!!----Just kidding!!!! (until they are back in style, that is!!!)

ChefTom said...

I am all for the 80s and most of the 90s being eliminated from any and all references and memories. I thought those were bruises on your legs at first, then I remembered the decorative nylons.

Tina said...

HAHA!! Oh Beck, that's soo great!! Gotta love how honest kids are, ESPECIALLY yours!! Haha, seriously though, you always have been a rockstar, even in "those days." :)