Wednesday, November 19, 2008


"Where everybody knows your name"
('scuse me while I read my book.)
THIS is where I am.
It's our second home.
This is the view from my 5th floor window.
We like to refer to DHMC as the
"Emerald Palace"
because that's what it feels like.
As soon as Ben and I step into this place
it's amazing the buzz that starts to happen.
Word begins to spread...
"Ben's here".
He's known by his first name.
Kind of like 'Cher' or 'Elvis'.
People start finding us.
They love to visit with Ben.
Makes for quality social time.
I feel like the mother of a celebrity... ...maybe that's because I AM!
(We're here for some med changes. You can read more about it on Ben's site.)


ellen said...


Joy said...

What's up with the Christmas paper? Thanksgiving is still a week away!

Becky said...

cuz the blue matches my family picture. i'm bored. i'm at the hospital for crying out loud. i've alread changed the background 3 times and i just might change it 5 more.

Smilin' sunshine said...

Superstar! Hope things go well! The background changes are great!

The Coopers said...

He will always be the coolest rockstar in my book:) I talk about him all the time, so hes pretty famous out here!

Im with you Becky on the background, its fun spicing things up! I think Ive changed mine 10 times already...and Im also playing Christmas music, specifically Josh Grobans CD Noel, its amazing...LOVE YOU!

ChefTom said...

Hope you are both feeling better during your mini-vacation.

DainBramage1991 said...

Howcum... Every time I go to DHMC I try a little bit of name dropping, hoping for some better treatment, and nobody has ever heard of you guys?!? Ok, I know that they can't admit to knowing you due to privacy laws, cuz I always see the gleam of recognition in their eyes. Also, I don't really need to worry about good treatment, Dartmouth has the best staff around.
I hope Ben feels better soon and you both can get some good, restful sleep.

Jane said...

He is just too cute!
I hope that your stay goes well. I can see why everyone is drawn to him...Heck, I am drawn to that little guy of yours, you can see in his eyes how amazing he is.

LL said...

he's my favorite celebrity!

Schenewarks said...

It's always nice o feel like a celebrity. Sometimes I feel like that in the temple, but mostly here at home. Love my boys ;

Schenewarks said...

P.S. Wipe my drool


Christy said...

Wouldn't it be fun if they sent you home in a limo one day? The fun part would actually be going home though...
Keep smiling!