Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I love being a mom.
It's way fun.
I especially like doing my children's errands.
Those are the BEST.
The other day Kaleb came to me.
(he does that when he's needy)
You see...we just bought him a team soccer jacket,
to the tune of $40.
(that's a story for another day)
After three wears...
he tells me the zipper fell off.
I groan.
He moans.
I call his coach to complain.
He tells me to return it to the store.
It's 25 minutes away.
I procrastinate, cuz I'm good at that.
Today I wanted to cross THAT chore off my list!
It's raining, no...POURING out.
I load Ben into the car.
We drive 25 minutes to the store.
I unload my 50lb. child,
and carry him into the store.
We stand there waiting...
it was a big warehouse.
The place was slow,
but nobody was running to service us.
I was starting to buckle.
(under the weight of my son)
"Could someone PLEASE help me?"
A not so helpful guy strolled over.
I proceeded to tell him the problem with the jacket,
and how I paid $40 and would he please replace it.
As I'm showing him the non-exsistent zipper,
(you know...the one that fell off)
I suddenly notice...
It's at the top of the jacket.
I look at him.
He looks at me.
I slowly back away and run for the door.
I'm a moron!
(my bad for not checking first)


LL said...

i'm DYING!
laughing so hard over here.
you ARE lame. but THAT is why I love you.
thanks for the laugh.

Aaron H. said...

now that's funny. HA HA!

Rachel said...

Your stories are the best! Thanks for a laugh.

Erica said...

Wow that sounds frustrating and completely hilarious all at the same time! Sorry you had to get wet for THAT one!

TODAY should be nap day for you! ;)

shirlgirl said...

We all learn lessons the hard way. Guess the next time is to look before leaping. I'm glad I wasn't the one out in the miserable rain. I'm tucked in here where it is dry and warm.

Jenny said...

HA HA HA!!!!!.............
That, my dear sister, is the best laugh I've had all day. Sorry it was at your expense. FUNNY!

ChefTom said...

If you were the first on to do something like that we wouldn't be laughing at you. (the rest of us just hide our moments.)

KeriLyn and Matthew said...

gotta LOVE that kind of a day!!!

Tina said...

HAHAHA!! I love this story... DUH!! Haha!! You know what, I've had so many moments like that it's not even funny...just brush it off. Whatever, you could've used the ride, right??!!
Sending you some love Beck a Boo. It was soo great to finally talk to you the other nite. Miss you!!

DainBramage1991 said...

Sounds like you took a page out of my book... I can't count the number of times I've done something similar, though usually with disastrous results.
I can not laugh at you for this. Maybe just chuckle a bit... :)

Christy said...

I stayed in today..kept looking out thinking..so sad whoever has to go out today! Your misfortune is not in vain...it made me LAUGH hysterically!
For the love of a son!

April said...

Hilarious! Thanks for making me laugh out loud! I love it!