Friday, November 7, 2008


Happy Birthday to these FABULOUS Women.
Amy Jo...I love YOU!

Jenny...I LOVE you too!


This gal has 10 children and is married to my brother Rich. Anyone that has 10 children is an angel in my book. Wanna know something crazy? She is exactly the SAME age as my sisters Amy and Jenny - same birth year and everything. HOW CRAZY IS THAT???

Happy Birthday you



LL said...

amazing really! that's crazy.
A day to celebrate three great ladies...(don't know Kelly but she must be great...10 kids, she's my hero)
Have a great weekend with your family!!!

LL said...

i'm going to TRY and not say GREAT anymore.
ok. thanks

shirlgirl said...

And they certainly are beautiful!

Mostly Stacie's Space said...

There is nothing like wonderful sister, blood or otherwise. :) We are truely blessed with such a sisterhood. Love ya, Stacie

Adam and Anya said...

What gorgeous ladies!! Fabulous family!!

Cindi said...

Happy birtheday to all! I just about think I have your fam all figured out, and then I realize there are more! HOw many siblings do you have? Your mom had 2 sets of twins? You are all so beautiful!

Michelle said...

Yup anyone with ten kids is an angel. Have you ever seen the family with 17 kids and another on the way on The learning channel.
You are so good about bloggin!!!! I had no idea about your friend ursula is this the family from the ward? How sad. And last but not least I was totally disgusted about your hospital stay. I can't even believe that something like that could even go on. Those nurses should not be nurses period!!!! I know my stay at the hopital in Laconia was wonderful when I had Madison. I hope your anemia gets better. You have been through so much. I hope things get better from now on.