Monday, November 17, 2008


He's been on my mind...a lot.
He's been my sidekick now for 6+ years.
Hard to think that someday he won't be.
I know that my time with him is getting shorter.
It's just a feeling that I have.
Something that is hard to swallow.
He doesn't sleep well.
That means neither do I.
I'd like to think it's because he's selfish.
He wants more of my time.
He figures at night there is no competition.
He's right.
It's just us.
In the dark.
That's when I talk to him.
He's a good listener.
And someday he'll talk to me.
Then I can repay him the favor.


cmf said...

Sweet, Becky. Thanks for reminding me to cherish every moment.....even if it is in the middle of the night when I would normally be sleeping. - Cristy

Jenny said...

you're so wise.
you look in his eyes and you see
the boy inside... and no one, not anyone who knows him and loves him can see what you see. or can know what you know. Because you are the one who was chosen to see and to know and to love and to teach us to try to see as well as you do.

ellen said...

Pretty cool sidekick you've got there. Who took the blurry photo?!?

April said...

That brought tears to my eyes. Those quiet moments are priceless. You're in my prayers, always. Give Ben a squeeze for me.

Rachel said...

That's a neat tribute. I think the relationship you with him is incredible. Such an inspiration.

LL said...

Becky, I felt a little sad while reading this...I guess I have to remind myself what a gift and blessing the 6plus years have been.
Cute little sidekick!

Anonymous said...

OK, thanks to you I'm sniffling over my hummus in the Northwest!

barryblog said...

Thanks fo this one. I needed it today:)

Adam and Anya said...

I love all your posts. And I love hearing about Ben. Keep them coming!!

ChefTom said...

I'm glad I didn't read this at work. Very touching tribute and a very handsome angel.

also a request, when you are up late talking to him, remind him to put in a good word or two for me. I will certainly need all the help I can get when I return home.

Mostly Stacie's Space said...

Love you, Praying for you. :) Stacie

shirlgirl said...

Oh, Becky--you just know how to make your aunt cry. We have been so blessed to have Ben in our lives. He is such a sweet spirit, and as I've said before, you are an amazing Mom. Our Lord knew exactly what he was doing when he sent Benji to you. He has had the best of care and all the love that a family can give to him. And as Jenny says, only a mother knows her child from the inside out. Ben is always in our prayers. Lots of love to all of you. Aunt Shirley

Jane said...

Okay--that made me cry! I wish I could meet your little Ben. Are you planning a trip to AZ anytime soon? ;)

You are a very special mama to get to have a little bit of heaven in your home.

((hugs)) for you and Ben!

Schenewarks said...

I can't believe he's still keeping you awake - how much chocolate did you give that boy? Don't deny it, I saw that smear at Mom's house, right on the inside corner of his mouth. And he was rolling his eyes to boot. You tell him to save up his energy for February, take a little siesta, go in hibernation mode, winter is upon us.

Heather O. said...

Becky, you are awesome.

Amy said...

this post brings tears to my eyes. You are a WONDERFUL WONDERFUL loving mother. He is so blessed to be in your home. What a sweet boy sent to a sweet mom. Get some rest. Thanks for your great example!!

KeriLyn and Matthew said...

What a sweet post....I am feeling a little teary eyed. You are truly a sweet mom...., and you are obviously listening to the spirit, and not taking your precious time...even durring the night hours....for grantite....what an example for us all!

Christy said...

I love that you talk to him all night!
He hears you alright and will probably tease you someday which you will love! Such a precious gift!
I love your beautiful tributes...they always touch my spirit.

Alicia said...

He is the best sidekick and what great times to be able to sit and talk to him at night. Sleep is for nap time anyway, isn't it, at least for me. Thanks for this post.

Erica said...

Becky, thank-you for sharing your sidekick with us...we love you and your family!

Ashlee said...

beautiful post. and so good of you to see the good so late at night. ben is one lucky kid. :0)

Smilin' sunshine said...

This post made me cry and is what made me remember that I need to be more thankful in life.

You are a great mom and I'm sure all of your kids recognize that!

smart mama said...

i love how you celebrate ben as an individyal- I love you and your sidekick